Working From Home? What You Wear Could be the Key to Staying Motivated

Work from home. For some, this has historically been a rare luxury that comes occasionally, but for so many across the country (Including our team at Soma®), it has become the new normal.

If you’re anything like us, all this time at home probably has you looking for ultimate comfort. Here are a few options from Soma that will have you feeling comfy and motivated beyond 9-5.

Sunday Pants: Not Just for Sundays

If you want to feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but still look put together, you’ll love our Sunday Pant (and no, they’re not just for Sundays!) Pair them with a tshirt, an oversized sweater or sweatshirt.

Photo courtesy of @mrscocowyse

Leggings for Days

I have too many leggings … said no one ever Leggings are a great option for your work from home wardrobe because of their versatility. For those who start their morning with exercise, you’ll love our Nonstop Legging, which can easily transition you from the mat to a conference call.  If you’re looking for something less sporty, our Essential Legging is just that – essential, and pairs great with a variety of tops, or our Slimming Legging, which provides comfort while it slims and shapes you. 

Pajamas All Day

Let’s face it – sometimes you just need to wear pajamas! But we’re not talking about your old college tshirt and ratty pair of sweatpants. Our Cool Nights PJs are not only incredibly soft, but they also look great too — because you never know when you might get a surprise video chat from your coworkers!  

Photo courtesy of @tanyafosterblog

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