Why You Should Still Wear a Bra, Even at Home

By Jene Luciani, Bestselling Author of The Bra Book, 2nd edition

You’ve probably seen the headlines: “Can I ditch my bra while self-isolating during the pandemic?” Asks one. “Lockdown for four weeks? Cool, no bra!” Exclaims another. There are many women who state their favorite thing after a long day is taking off their bra, but it doesn’t mean you should skip wearing one altogether. While you may feel more “free,” you could be doing irreparable damage.

Beat the Bounce

Studies have shown that our breasts move up and down about 15 centimeters during physical activity. Your breasts are comprised of ligaments and fatty tissue. Without proper support, they continuously stretch over time, so if you’re not wearing a bra, you’re adding to the effects of gravity. In addition to worrying about sagging (which most of us do), many women experience pain and discomfort, and even posture problems. So, if you’re  chasing the kids around the house, doing housework, or taking the dog for a walk around the block, you’ve got to support the girls.

Bras Have Your Back

The wrong bra, or not wearing one at all for extended periods of time, can be a real pain in the neck – literally! Your bra works by not only distributing the weight of your breasts to take pressure off your neck and back, it also uplifts the bustline to make you look thinner & younger and helps your stand up straighter. With new technology in design and fabrics (especially those made with microfiber and extra spandex), you can find something that’s still uplifting and supportive (even for us larger busted gals!) but still comfortable enough to wear around the house.

Here are my top picks from Soma® that will keep your “breast friends” in tip-top shape:

Enbliss® Wireless Bralette

I like to call this one the bralette on steroids. Comfy, super-soft, and even sleepable, with no wires, hardware or bells and whistles, this simple one-piece wonder also packs a punch when it comes to support. Due to the spandex content in the brushed microfiber fabric and the wide straps and bottom band, it supports up to a G-cup. I often find myself staying in this one for 24-hours – or more.

Stunning Support® Unlined Minimizer

For those of you who prefer an underwire, this unlined bra offers natural shaping and slimming to your bust line, with just a simple stretchy fabric. The no-show lace provides a no-bounce hold, with a stabilizing center panel. The wide straps are padded, along with an underwire that’s encased in plush fabric, so you don’t even feel it.

Embraceable® Wireless Plunge Lace Trim

This comfy unlined wireless bra provides maximum coverage with a pretty lace trim (who said we can’t feel pretty while we’re cooped up?) The leotard style back helps with sloping shoulders while the plunge style front helps hold the girls in and up. The Embraceable fabric is latex and wire-free, and this is another one you’ll forget you’re even wearing.

Soma® Sport Seamless Ballet Back Sports Bra

While this breathable and moisture-wicking fabric is designed for low to medium impact activities, lots of women are opting for this style as their new go-to “everyday” bra. It’s designed like a regular bra (not a pull-on style, like most sports bras) with adjustability in the band and straps. Its simple styling and ease of use makes it a great stay-at-home staple, especially if your activity levels fluctuate throughout the day. Also, the moisture-wicking properties won’t go away in the wash – unlike others that claim the same benefit, this one has it built into the fabric.

Speaking of washing, all these bras can be tossed in your washing machine in a mesh lingerie bag in cool water and gentle detergent. Be sure to wash your bras on a gentle cycle. So, even if you’re not washing and blow-drying your hair on the regular (what’s the point?), at least your bras are low maintenance!

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20 Responses

  1. Jessica chiera

    I am guilty as charged … until I read this article I haven’t worn a bra while working from home… after reading this though , I will be wearing one from now on!! Thanks Jene!!

  2. Marianne

    Great tips. I’ve been having neck pain lately and thinking maybe I slept wrong but this could be the reason. I’m putting my bra on every day from now on!

  3. Melanie Scalera

    I would never think of NOT wearing a bra after having two kids and nursing. I can’t afford to battle against gravity. Ha! However it must be a comfortable bra. The Enbliss bra is perfect for comfort yet support.

    1. Soma Intimates

      We couldn’t agree more that our Enbliss bralette is the perfect balance of comfort and support! So glad that you’re already a fan.

  4. Kristis Cartozian

    Great advice!! Being at home during quarantine, I was rarely was wearing a bra. After reading this, I started wearing one and found my back definitely hurts less! Thanks again!

  5. Melinda Peck

    I own several of Soma bras and panties and love them all! After reading this article and being home quarantined I plan on ordering the “Enbliss Wireless Bralette!” It looks super comfy and will still provide the everyday support I need for my double DD’s! Heck I can even sleep with it on! It’s a WIN, WIN!!! YAY!!

  6. Tara Becker

    I totally agree and rarely go without wearing a bra, even around house. I would definitely love to try the Embliss bralette. I am so over the underwire after all these years!

    1. Soma Intimates

      We definitely think you will love our Enbliss bralette, Tara! It’s a great option for both inside and outside the house.

  7. Sarah R

    I’m small chested, so wouldn’t think there would be any issues, but this makes sense put this way, that there still could be damage. The Wireless Plunge Lace Trim Bra is really cute! I love bralettes but am not a fan of putting them on over my head, this looks like the next best thing!

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Sarah, the Embraceable Wireless Plunge Lace Trim Bra is a GREAT option for wireless comfort, but with a hook and eye closure in the back! We hope you love it.

  8. Sheepa

    This was very informative writing piece by Jené! I had no idea that bras actually support our neck & backs! I will have check out Soma’s selection. I am actually returning 2 bras to another company. I was terrible unimpressed by them. Your Enbliss Wireless bralette has grabbed my attention. Time to go check out your site Soma!

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Sheepa, We’re so glad you found this article informative and hope you find a bra (or two!) at Soma that fit your needs. Our 5-star rated Enbliss bralette is definitely a must-have!

  9. Jean Lea

    I LOVE my Enbliss bras ~ and I do wear them 24 hours a day. Having the support from this amazing bra has truly helped my back and neck. I will never wear another bra brand again. Thank you for this wonderful product!