Bras…It’s Complicated: What’s a Minimizer and Why Do You Need One?

What if one bra could slim your profile, reduce your bustline, provide support, and offer a better fit in clothes? What if we told you there’s a bra that can do all of this? Minimizer bras are designed to flatter and support while reducing the appearance of the bust. They evenly smooth the profile under form-fitting ensembles and eliminate gapping buttons on poplin tops.

minimizer bras
Without a minimizer bra, button tops can gap.

minimizer bras
Minimizer bras reduce gaping by creating a sleeker silhouette.

And the benefits don’t end there. Most minimizer bras feature comfort straps that prevent them from digging into the shoulders and provide added comfort.

Sensuous Sides 1” Minimizer
Reduces the bustline up to 1”
Side slimming technology
Padded wings provide comfortable support

minimizer bras
Sensuous sides minimizer reduces bust by up to 3″

Sensuous Sides 3” Minimizer
Powerful Minimizer reduces the bustline up to 3”

Side slimming technology
Padded wings provide comfortable support

Whether you want to look slimmer or simply want to feel more confident beneath your clothes, minimizer bras are a wardrobe essential that should be in every woman’s top drawer!

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4 Responses

  1. Kitty

    Please bring the Emma back!!! It fit so well and was so comfortable. I love your stores, but will have to start looking elsewhere for a bra to meet my needs the way the Emma did! Best minimizer bra!

  2. Debbie McGinn

    I am so disappointed to learn that Soma is leaving the Canton shoppes in CT. The knowledgable staff has fitted me with very flattering and comfortable undergarments. I can only hope that Soma will open another store in a similar location.

  3. lora stark

    I visited your Ridgedale store today, Spencer assisted me is finding a new bra for me. I am recovering from a mastectomy and was shy about being measured and fitted. She put away those fears as she was very intone with what i needed and made me feel comfortable. I bought 4 bras…I am feeling great, being able to wear a bra again. sigh.