What’s Your Momtra?

What’s the “Momtra” that made you? Many of our mothers have had mantras and phrases that often stick with us, even being passed down through generations. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked some Soma customers what mom mantras they now share with their children. Comment on this post if you have a Momtra your mom told you that you now say to your kids. 

 I love this oh so much!!!!! My mom is wise beyond measure but the one that I get to use as a mommy to my girls is ‘I’m not asking, I’m telling’

@nashvilletash via Instagram

 Best PJ’s ever. My mom’s mantra is ‘It’s fun to have fun’

@thecurrentcrush via Instagram

Love the navy pj’s! My mom is always telling me ‘You just have to have a little faith!’ 

@dlone10 via Instagram

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