What We Mean by MORE

At Soma, we know that women are so much more than sexy. We are smart, confident, passionate. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, professionals, volunteers, survivors, leaders, neighbors. We are busy with days that demand SO MUCH of us.

At Soma, we are women-led—so we get it. And we see Soma as our chance to do our part for you. To make life a little easier, more pleasant, softer, more enjoyable. To make those moments when you’re getting dressed in the morning or curling up at night feel as good as they possibly can feel. So you can move on to other things that matter to you. In the grand scheme of things, it’s small. We know. But it’s our passion. Bringing you products that do MORE is what we do, because we know that with all that life demands of us, MORE is exactly what we need.


So much more than sexy

Our patented technology and innovations set us apart. Each collection addresses a specific need: back smoothing, ultimate softness, strapless, zoned support, push-up without padding, and more. You need it, we’ve got a bra that does it—all while looking beautiful and feeling incredibly comfortable.


The bottom line is our panties are more than pretty, they’re powerful. Whether it’s no-show panties that fit like a second skin and stay put all day, or pairs that tone like 1,000 extra sit ups, we design our exclusive panty collections to do more and feel extraordinarily soft.


Pajamas that are so much more than sexy

Sinking in to sleep at the end of the day is often the only time that’s just for us. It should feel amazing! That’s why we make beyond-soft pajamas that feel cool against the skin, embellished with special touches like the softest lace, crocheted trim, and artful embroidery. And many of our chemises have adjustable straps and soft support for confidence in front of company. This meticulous attention to detail means we offer more than just something to sleep in. Our sleepwear makes you feel great while you do it.


Swim that is so much more than sexy

Women don’t only want to be supported by their bras. We know that swimsuits need to offer it, too. We put our expertise to work and created a line of swimwear that incorporates our bra support and slimming technologies. Our goal: to design suits that make us smile when we try them on. And we did it. In more than 30 bra cup sizes that lift, shape, and slim, every body can feel beautiful at the beach.


Sport that is so much more than sexy

Most sport bras flatten, but we would never do that. We applied our bra fit expertise to create sport bras that win on every level: confidence, control, and no-bounce support—without sacrificing shape. And we continue to add layering pieces in the soft fabrics you love, because life is a high-impact sport every day.

IS SOMA SEXY? YES. But we’re so much MORE than that. And so are you.

Now tell us what makes YOU So Much More Than Sexy. Post socially using #SoMuchMoreThanSexy and @SomaIntimates or tell us here.




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16 Responses

  1. Joanie Bell

    Soma emails me every F’N day!!! I really like to shop there BUT I feel harassed!! I have asked customer service and have changed my settings to only get 2 emails a month. I have done it EVERY DAY for over 2 weeks. I called and spoke to someone on the phone and they changed it for me but I get the emails everyday. Stop soma stop!! I purposely do not purchase until you provide customer service. You may lose me as a customer just out of stupidity.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Joanie, we were able to locate your member account and updated your preferences to opt you out of email. As email communications are scheduled in advance, these will stop as soon as the current series completes. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Ellen Bombolis

    I have been a loyal Soma customer for many years. This is the first year I can honestly say that I like nothing in your product line. I think you have forgotten the base of women that made you successful. Not everyone is twenty years old and not everything has to be sexy. Leave that to Victoria’s Secret.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Ellen, we’re always interested in feedback from our customers and will share your comments regarding our current collection. Thank you.

  3. Sue Ellen Mageli

    The Vanishing back bra is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn in my life! Great support and comfort. I want one in every color. The lounge wear is fantastic!

  4. Terri

    Well, unlike the first two posters, I can honestly say, I just love Soma! I don’t mind the emails at all. I’m really liking the retro look panties , beautiful dresses also. I would like to see Soma come out with some skirts, and I do wish they would make tunics in petite lengths, as I always have to take them and have them re hemmed.

  5. James Wills

    I agree with Terri, your panties are very comfortable! I like your thongs best. I posted this before and it was deleted, what you think men don’t wear panties? I happen to like SOMA panties and I’m completely comfortable in saying so.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi James, we were concerned to see this as we welcome all feedback from our fans. We located your earlier comment that was posted May 12, please let us know if you can’t view it on our page. Thanks, Soma

  6. Maria Aurora Castro Ingram

    Love the boy short panties . The fabric prints are delicious! And the colors are a feast to the eyes !

  7. Jo

    Thanks so much for bringing back the vanishing back, front closure, unlined bra!! It’s my all-time favorite. I don’t need extra padding, but I do need the comfort which this bra brings me.

  8. Shay Linn

    I think Soma intimates is just the BOMB!!
    You have high quality underwear that is sexy and so-so comfortable! The price for what you get is fantastic! I love on-line shopping and the customer service at your boutiques.

  9. JAM

    I’d like to pass on some of my Soma loves, wants and suggestions for your consideration.
    LOVES: Your sleepwear and daywear pieces made in Rayon/Spandex fabric blend. One of my ultimate favorites is your short sleeve long nightshirts in pretty prints. (I like those better than solid or “slogan” choices). I got a batch with sleeves that were too tight recently but hope that has been remedied in future. I also LOVE the TRAVELERS panties. Please continue those, in new colors and with the same long-lasting quality fabric.
    WANTS: Please offer more soft and pretty brief style panties WITHOUT the silicone “vanishing edge.”
    PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS: I would LOVE a TRAVELERS panty/brief with some tummy control and higher waist to prevent them rolling down. I’d also like an uber-soft & smooth lightly padded cup POSTURE support bra with no back hooks to help ease my upper back pain. The ones currently available are frankly ugly, stiff and scratchy. One with molded cups and underwire for flattering lift and shape would be icing on the cake! Could Soma take on my challenge to create the world’s most beautiful and comfortable Posture Support Bra ever? I’d be happy to test the prototypes! Thanks for listening! JAM

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