What Are Spacer Bras? (And Why You Need Them!)

Have you tried Lightest Lift™ yet? It’s a collection of our lightest-weight bras (aka: spacer bras) that gives you effortless support and the perfect amount of natural lift. So, what makes them so unbelievably light and airy? It all comes down to an innovation in the cups called a spacer pad. 

Spacer Pad 101

We’ll spare you the scientific terms like knitted substrates and hydrophilic nature and multi-filament. Here’s the gist. Spacer bras are made of spacer foam. Spacer foam is made of dual-layer foam fabric. The foam is full of air pockets that allow for airflow through the bra cups. All of those foamy air pockets make the spacer pads feel spongy to the touch and, more importantly, ridiculously lightweight and breathable.

And that’s it for today’s behind-the-bra lesson! Shop our Lightest Lift™ collection now and put our innovative spacer pads to the test. Be sure to come back and tell us what you think in the comments!




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