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10 Packing Tips for Effortless Holiday Travel

When it comes to holiday travel, long check-in lines, lost luggage, and seemingly endless car rides can drain your holiday spirit before the magic even begins. So skip the bag check, pack wisely, and carry on with outfits that are a departure from the ordinary, so getting there is comfortable and getting together memorable.

Pack something that looks as good out of the suitcase as it did going in. Something that moves seamlessly from airport to family dinner with a change of accessories. Something that flatters and fits, boosting confidence when greeting cousins you haven’t seen in years (leggings that take up to 1” or more of your waist? BONUS). Something that effortlessly solves the “what do I wear” to (insert holiday event/errand/airport here).

10 Packing Tips for Holiday Travel 

  1. Forgo constricting clothes that make tight spaces (airline seats?) seem tighter. Opt for comfortable, flattering pants and long, lush layers that accommodate changing temps, holiday noshing, and a long list of invitations. You’ll arrive in style, ready to go wherever your agenda takes you.
  1. Pack fabrics with coverage and drape that travel without wrinkles and offer the ultimate versatility from running errands to taking in a holiday concert. Choose outfits that are good-to-go, full-agenda-worthy, go-to styles no matter where you travel.
  2. Roll clothing to minimize wrinkles and maximize space.
  1. Bring a pair of cozy slippers (and a gift pair for your hostess), so your feet stay toasty on the plane or in the car (passengers only!). Take your shoes off and get that warm holiday feeling started before you leave the driveway.
  1. Plan for all climates (grandma’s house where the thermostat is set to “Florida summer” to your cousin in Minnesota who leaves the windows open all year) with layers you can put on or take off.
  2. Instead of bulky sweaters, pack a versatile wrap that goes with multiple tops (and can serve as a blanket or scarf). If it’s amazingly soft and feels like a hug, you’ve also brought your secret stress-buster.
  1. Add your own style with brilliant accessories for a little (or a lot) of glamour, depending on the occasion.
  2. Store necklaces between layers of plastic wrap to prevent tangling.
  1. Pack bras that look (and feel!) as good under a tunic as they do under pajamas. You’ll be ready for early morning family presents and coffee in your holiday PJs with a bra so comfortable you can sleep in it. (It also makes packing a robe for modesty optional.)
  1. Matching holiday pajamas are a tradition! Send sets ahead for friends on your list, and pack your favorite festive pair. You’ll be set for family selfies, comfy lounging by the fire, or marathon cookie baking.

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