SOMAINNOFIT™, New Bra Fit Technology

For years, bra measurements were used only with a measuring tape. Everything changed in January 2019 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. There, Soma introduced SOMAINNOFIT™, revolutionary bra fit technology.

somainnofit bra fit technology

Within hours, the first delivery of this exciting bra fit technology sold out. SOMAINNOFIT™ is available on pre-order. You can also always experience a SOMAINNOFIT™ bra measurement as part of the expert bra fitting service in Soma® boutiques.

Cathy Devine, Vice President of Innovation at Soma, told the Advertising Specialty Institute at CES that time was overdue for updating the bra fit experience with wearable technology. “We saw a need to help women understand better what sizes they should be wearing,” she said. “In the industry, we say 70% to 80% of all women are in the wrong bra size. It’s a confusing process. We wanted to dispel some of the mystery.”


soma innofit bra fit technology

USA Today included SOMAINNOFIT™ in its CES Editors’ Choice Awards: The best and coolest tech to expect in 2019.

“The SOMAINNOFIT™ cuts out the inaccuracies of traditional tape measuring (it can measure breast volume in a way tape can’t) and the invariably awkward bra fitting process, while also guiding women towards the bras that would suit their measurements best,” the USA Today article said.

Reception from others at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology show, was also enthusiastic.

“Arming yourself with any sort of knowledge about what your actual bra size is one of the more practical examples of femtech we’ve seen over the past few years.” –Victoria Song, tech writer for Gizmodo

“Soma has the ultimate solution to the major fitting issues of bra sizes. This makes the searching process of a perfect fit bra, with different varieties, a much easier process.” –Apparel Resources News-Desk  

“Breasts constantly fluctuate in size due to menstrual cycles, hormones, and small health changes, and each of these can result in your bra not fitting properly. The smart bra works for about 200 readings, which will last for years and is worth the purchase.” –Allena Rissa, founder and editor of The Better Fit for BHG.COM

SOMAINNOFIT™ Bra Fit Technology Is Easy To Use

soma innofit bra fit technology

Although it uses groundbreaking technology, SOMAINNOFIT™ is easy to use. The stretchy bra is simply placed over a regular bra. SOMAINNOFIT™ connects to the free SOMAINNOFIT™ app – available for iOS and Android—to capture key bra measurements in seconds.

The app’s algorithms have been calibrated from thousands of fittings and over 2 million data points to be able to recommend a personalized and curated selection of Soma® bra styles that will best fit the measurements. Bras can be purchased right from the app.

SOMAINNOFIT™ can be used over and over and by multiple women to keep bra wardrobes up to date. Mary van Praag, President of Soma, pointed out to the Advertising Specialty Institute at CES that bra sizes can fluctuate due to factors like weight loss or pregnancy. Plus, she added, Soma is always coming out with new styles, and customers can use the app to determine which would be most suited to their style and shape.

More Innovation To Come

soma innofit bra fit technology

Soma® has made innovation part of its product development by establishing an Innovation Team dedicated to launching and developing new products. Look for more exciting news in 2019. SOMAINNOFIT™ sizing will be updated with new products, so customers will always be able to get their best fit.

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