Soma Supports You & the Earth

We love our planet, our home–but the fashion industry hasn’t always been a friend to Earth. Eco experts have estimated that 92 million tons of clothes-related waste is discarded each year. Soma takes our responsibility to the planet seriously, making products that can be loved again and again. Sustainable styles like the Embraceable® Enchanting Lace were created with recycled materials and through our Bra Recycling Program, can be restored once more. 


EcoVero™ is a rayon derived from bamboo using an eco-responsible production process that meets high environmental standards. Our new Seamless Aloe Turnaround Bralette and accompanying panties in hipster and thong styles are made with EcoVera™ and contain Aloe-infused yarns that benefit your skin with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Aloe Vera is a natural and pure moisturizer known to help skin stay more hydrated and activates as you move throughout the day. Aloe lasts up to 20 washes. 


Recycled nylon and polyester both divert waste from landfills and the production of these materials use much fewer resources than virgin nylon and polyester. Most recycled nylon is made of old fishing nets–a great way to divert waste from the ocean. A number of Soma® foundations are made with recycled polyester and nylon–including our Embraceable® Enchanting Lace. 


Our collection of modal pajamas and loungewear were made to love again (and again.) Modal is a rayon-like fabric made from regenerative plants, using fewer chemicals in the production process to create the material than with other types of fabric. Plus, modal is completely biodegradable–reducing its fashion footprint and making it an all-around eco-friendly fabric. 


Since 2010, Soma has donated over 2 million bras to women in need. We partnered with I Support The Girls to help women who are missing essential items like bras to take care of their self esteem and personal health, and The Bra Recyclers to keep bras out of landfills. 

By throwing away 1 lb of bras (around 7 bras), you will save…

To donate your bras, drop them off at any boutique or ship them to us and earn Love Soma Rewards®.

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