Soma Stories with Barbi Brooks

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Soma® is here to support you. The most common of cancers in women, we all know someone who’s been affected by it. In the U.S., there are over 3.8 million breast cancer survivors, the National Breast Cancer Foundation tells us. In October, we are spotlighting the stories of just a few of these women. This week, we talked with fashion & beauty influencer and breast cancer advocate, Barbi Brooks, about her diagnosis journey.

Barbi Brooks

When were you diagnosed and at what age? 

Barbi: I was diagnosed with HR2 Positive Breast Cancer in November 2018. Diagnosis was Stage 1B-2 and was detected in a routine breast exam at my gynecologist appointment.  I was, of course, in shock and numb.  It was difficult to hear. 

Is there a family history of breast cancer?

Barbi: There is no family history of breast cancer in my family.

What have been the hardest obstacles you’ve overcome since diagnosis?

Barbi: This has been a long and stressful journey.  Having had radiation, chemo and then a lumpectomy was traumatic on me physically.  But I think it has been more to carry mentally and emotionally.  The support of my family, friends- both online and real-life has been and continues to be amazing to say the least. 

What makes you feel beautiful when you’re getting ready?

Barbi: Feeling beautiful means something very different these days for me. Preparing for the day – getting dressed – seems to be more important than ever.  It’s no secret that good foundational pieces are key to both comfort and confidence.  I always begin each look with Soma…I actually began due to comfort – they truly are the softest and offer an amazing fit. 

“ You Are Your Own Advocate. Early detection and treatment is key.  Do it for yourself and for those you love. It could save your life just like it’s saving mine.”


What’s most important to you when it comes to bra fit?

Barbi: Bra comfort has always  been very important but a real necessity since my lumpectomy.  I was wearing Soma bras prior to breast cancer but have fully relied completely on Soma since immediately after surgery. 

Did you use a Soma bra for post surgery or during treatment? If so, which one?

Barbi: I’ve worn a variety of Soma designs – I actually love them all – but found Soma Seamless to meet my needs best as swelling was a real issue of course after surgery.  I was thrilled that these bras offered nice support while conforming comfortably to my ever changing needs over those first couple months.  

What message would you want to give other women experiencing this?

Barbi: For the past five years and even during my breast augmentation experience, I continue to enjoy the beauty of intimates – particularly bras.  I feel prettier as I begin my day selecting foundations that make me feel feminine while offering the fit and comfort my body needs.

And while what we wear is so important -how we feel when we wear it is invaluable.  Comfort and Confidence are the key components and I find that Soma Intimates offers both! 

As I finish my thought here, I must remind every woman to love herself just the way she is – scars and all. 

And ladies, that love begins with self-care.  Attention to breast health is imperative to your well-being – I am a walking testament to that. 

Breast cancer changed my life forever.  Physically and emotionally as I continue the battle fighting metastatic breast cancer even today.  The gift is that I have an army alongside me…so much love and endless options of treatment.  For that I am ever grateful.

Ladies, I know we are all so busy. And days become months all too quickly BUT You Are Your Own Advocate.  You Must have your mammogram done annually and follow a monthly self-check routine.  Early detection and treatment is key.  Do it for yourself and for those you love. It could save your life just like it’s saving mine.

A Special Thank You to Soma Intimates.  Thank you for highlighting the importance of breast health.  And for your continued love and support of women before, during and after the battle. Your contribution as a brand to women as a whole goes without saying.  

Barbi and Soma style expert Brandi Mercado went live on Instagram to share Barbi’s story. If you missed it, check out the inspiring interview below.

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