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Soma Sport: How We Built a Better Bra

You asked for a Soma Sport bra. We stepped up to the challenge. The design team behind our first-ever collection of maximum support sport bras shares how they created bras with technology that lets every woman work it.

New Soma Sport. The experts in bra fit create a better sport bra

Q: Why Soma Sport?

Alina: These days, we all are leading more active lifestyles and going to the gym more. Our customers were asking for sport bras more and more.

Valerie: We thought, what would our customers be looking for in a sport bra from Soma? Number one was maximum support. So many sport bras say they’re supportive, but we wanted to create one that really meant it.

Q: What gives ours max support?

Alina: We used powerful elastics and mesh along with strong, supportive material in key places. Then we gave each bra a higher neckline for containment. A lot of women wear two sport bras. Our goal was to make sure you don’t have to wear two.

Valerie: We really thought about her activity level, bounce level and comfort level. Everything we do at Soma is to make women extremely comfortable while still being very supportive.

Q: What else did you do to make a better sport bra?

Alina: The fabrics we use truly wick moisture away from the body and each style breathes so you stay cool and dry. Even in the contour style, the pads are perforated for airflow and dry quickly.

Valerie: After that, it’s all about fit. Soma Sport bras come in cup-and-band sizes, which is rare. Plus, we used adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closures to give a fit that feels custom.

Alina: The ease in taking them on and off was key. No more needing help to get in and out of it, and no more getting stuck in a bra after a workout!

Valerie: We love the way they look, too. We worked closely with our athleisure designers to make sure she had complete Soma Sport looks for workouts and running around town.

Q: How should customers choose which style to try? 

Valerie: I’d start by asking yourself which non-sport bra style is your go-to for every day. Padding or unlined? Underwire or no wire?

 Alina: Right. Just like other bra collections, the contour style will give more shape and lift due to the pad/wire combination—plus concealment for modesty. The underwire will provide support and shaping, and the wireless will provide the most comfort. It’s all about preference.

Valerie: In each style, our wear-testers told us these were the best sport bras they’d ever tried. We hope to hear that same positive response from our customers.

Soma Sport: Sport bras with technology built in


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8 Responses

  1. Donna

    I purchased two maximum support contour bras. My only issue with them is that the straps are too short, even when properly adjusted. I like everything else about them. No one has a better bra out there, so please, please try to make more adjustable straps. I love the purple tunic top, it is elegant & fits beautifully. It is very feminine.

    1. Kathy Holiday

      Thank you for your feedback that the straps are too short for some customers to wear comfortably on Soma Sport Wireless & Contour Underwire. We have made important fit improvements to offer customers longer straps, and those bras will be arriving in boutiques in November. In the mean time, you can gain additional length on the straps on the bras you already have by unhooking the straps. The seam on the straps will hold the bra in place. We hope this works for you and thank you for your feedback.

      1. Soma Intimates

        Hi Donna, we wanted to provide you with an update. We’re working hard on designing the perfect strap and it’s taken a little longer than anticipated. We expect the new bras with longer straps to be available later in 2017.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Charlotte, we had hoped to have a new and improved version of the Max Support Underwire Bra with longer straps by November, however, we’ve decided to completely redesign the strap to better suit our customers’ needs. With that, there has been a delay in the availability of this updated style. We expect it to deliver in late 2017.

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