Soma: Made by women, for women.

Soma® was started by a team of women determined to fix a centuries-old-issue: women’s underwear. We’ve come a long way from breathtaking corsets, but modern day bras often don’t feel much better. Too many brands aren’t focused on fit and flattery–we decided to fix that. With innovative Smart Bra™ solutions like the Bodify® Bra that changes with you, and our Vanishing® collection that smooths all around, Soma® supports you. In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to share some of the women behind the brand who empower each other.

Cristina Ceresoli (left) & Kimberly Grabel (right)


SVP, Marketing

“It’s incredibly empowering to work for a company founded by women, led by women and where we spend our days focused on the idea that women deserve better–in all things–but especially in their intimate apparel. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from so many wise and wonderful women at Soma- from each I take my favorite page from their playbook and incorporate it into my own, hopefully making me a better leader in the process!”


VP, Design

“The biggest thing we want women to know is: It’s not you. It’s the bra. We want to create bras that work for the most women possible. Going in to get fitted for a bra is very intimidating and can be a kind of a vulnerable moment for women and I think most avoid it if they can; I think that goes back to low expectations, and so we’ve tried to create soft, comfortable, and beautiful bras that really work for your body shape.”


SR Manager Trend + CAD

“Our team of artists are continuously inspired–be it from runway fashion, nature, and mostly our customers. We connect with our team of designers and innovators to inspire how we can innovate solutions to better women’s day to day lives. We take what inspires us every day to carefully curate our trend stories each season. We develop in our studio flattering, on-trend colors, and beautiful artwork so that it can become the new perfect piece for your wardrobe.”


SVP, GMM & Design 

“Working for Soma is incredible.  I feel so fortunate to work alongside so many smart, talented, and creative women (and men).”

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