Sleep In Sets at Soma

How long have you been slipping into the same old t-shirt and shorts at night and then tossing and turning when it's time to sleep? Too long. It's time to treat yourself to a new bedtime bestie: Soma® sleep sets. Whether you're a classic Cool Nights® gal, or you want to give waffle a whirl in our TellTale collection, you'll be all set at Soma®.

New TellTale Satin Short Set $50


Add a pop of print to your Cool Nights® pajama collection as the weather warms up. Our new Poolside Plunge print is perfect for lounging post-pool activities. Soft and stretchy, these pajamas are a summer must-have.


The Cool Girl loves our Cool Nights + Days™ Bike Short Set because it’s comfort without compression, soft but not see-through. We kept our classic Cool Nights® material and made it into a set you can wear day and night without looking like you just rolled out of bed. Bike shorts and an oversized t-shirt with deep slits on the side are modern and sleek but simple to sport. Take your pajama game up a notch with this stylish set.


For all the bedtime baddies who want something sweet & satin to sleep in, our new Satin Short Sets in the TellTale Collection are sure to satisfy. Cropped and cool, the top can be worn during the day or saved for sleeping. Slip-on shorts with slight slits on the sides couldn’t be comfier and will keep hot sleepers cool.


What’s cooler than being cool? Our signature Cool Nights® ribbed material in a new cropped halter tank that can be transfered to the daytime or saved for sleeping. This cropped top’s bestie bottoms add a pop of print to your pajamas in new Boob Squad and Cheeky Peach prints.


Breakfast in bed anyone? The TellTale collection features our classic Cool Nights® short paired with a waffle knit tip that couldn’t be comfier. 100% bamboo rayon meets our signature soft pajama, creating an irresistibly cozy combo.


The Dream Queen knows what she wants–8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep–and won’t wear anything less than a superior sleep set. The Washable Silk Pajama Set is stylish and soothing, ready to help you relax after slaying the day. Unwind in our washable silk blend–which is slightly heavier than typical, sheer silk–this fabric feels just as lavish without the washing worries.


We all have our closet-comfort pieces, but our Cool Nights® pajamas are undefeated when it comes to the classic pajama. Offered in an unlimited array of styles and silouehettes, you can get a pair in every pattern. From notch collar necklines to relaxed roomy tees, we have a pajama pair for everyone in our signature soft, cool-to-the-touch fabric.

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