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Red Thong Strong Thong-a-tude

The women who created Red Thong Strong

What Is Thong-a-tude And How Do I Get It? We interviewed the uplifting women from Red Thong Strong to find out. Girlfriends for over 30 years, these eight empowering authors share how a group of girlfriends can make life richer, and inspire women to live bold, confident, and connected lives.

What is “thong-a-tude” and how do you pass it along to younger generations?

Living Red Thong Strong requires a sassy attitude! So we came up with the term thong-a-tude…a liberating, empowering outlook that’s gutsy, confident, and fun loving.

Women of every age can benefit from having a thong-a-tude. It can empower them to conquer everything from staying fit to power shopping, handling relationship highs and lows, and facing serious health concerns.

We hope Red Thong Strong conveys the importance of having a thong-a-tude to our contemporaries…women like us who have shared many experiences together. As for younger women, our book offers them a head start on happiness by sharing what’s made such a difference in our lives.

What are some of your secrets to maintaining a close friendship among eight busy ladies over the years?

Much like marriage, long-term friendships require commitment. We’ve learned transparency brings us closer and being quick to apologize and to forgive is both humbling and healing. Embracing each other’s differences leads us to laughter and keeps us from the killer of all relationships, criticism.

Besides being supportive and encouraging of one another’s passions, being able to accept kindness—not just give it—has served to grow, nurture, and bond us, both individually and collectively. There is strength in numbers.

At Soma we believe women should #OwnYourBeautiful. How does this theme tie into your book?

To be Red Thong Strong, you have to love yourself or, as Soma says, #OwnYourBeautiful. Identifying and appreciating the best things about yourself—both inner and outer qualities—provides the foundation you need to confidently reach out, develop, and strengthen relationships with others.

The Red Thong Strong ladies love this bra.

What’s your favorite Soma bra?

That’s tough because there are so many to love. But, we all simply adore the Embraceable Demi bra. It’s lightweight and so comfortable you almost forget you’re wearing it. Also, it disappears (no lines!) under everything from t-shirts to LBDs. We hate bra lines almost as much as panty lines!

Which writers inspire you?

Writers such as Adriana Trigiani and Jeffery Zaslow helped motivate us to tell our story. Like Trigiani’s Don’t Sing at the Table, Red Thong Strong includes life lessons, personal anecdotes, and some of our best recipes. Our book shares true experiences of a girlfriend group with a lifetime of memories in common as Zaslow did in The Girls from Ames.

Red Thong Strong also contains lots of humor and ideas for entertaining with Texas flair along the lines of Gayden Metcalfe’s and Charlotte Hayes’ Someday You’ll Thank Me for This.

Why should someone read your book?

Girls just wanna have fun and this book shows you how. It reveals vital shopping secrets, pointers for planning girlfriend getaways, and eight divine diva destinations. It’s also a go-to entertaining guide for everything from celebrating milestone birthdays to planning show-stopping bridal and baby showers.

Red Thong Strong is about life with attitude

Readers will discover how to deal with issues surrounding their children, themselves, and their spouses. They’ll also find essential beauty tips for their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s; ways to avoid hair hassles; and how to dress with flair (start with a red thong!).

Finally, since everyone experiences bumps in the road, Red Thong Strong includes heartfelt advice for facing and dealing with life’s unexpected detours. It will help readers personally while guiding them in supporting and caring for friends in need.

Red Thong Strong: Girlfriends’ Little Secrets to Smoothing Life’s Panty Lines Available through AMAZON




Red Thong Strong ladies

Eight Texas women bound by the belief that their friendship makes life richer are behind Red Thong Strong: Girlfriends’ Little Secrets to Smoothing Life’s Panty Lines. Debbi Comparin, Shelley Tyler, Becky Elder, Linda Storer, Charlotte Hill, Terri Jutras, Debbie Williams, and Bev Mann met in a young marrieds’ Sunday school class. Thirty years later, they continue to keep each other accountable, grounded, and sane.

Their journey together has made them experts at making, keeping, and nurturing friends. When not in writing sessions, they’re serving as each other’s personal stylists, planning stress-free girlfriend getaways, and hosting Pinterest-worthy parties.

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