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Post Surgical Bras Should Be Soft And Comfortable

At Soma, we believe every woman deserves beautiful and comfortable post-surgical bras while recovering from surgery and beyond. Every woman deserves to feel confident during all stages of life, even in between doctor’s visits and recuperation. We are proud to offer bras with support, shaping, and prosthesis pockets for post-surgical comfort. Our Post Surgical and Mastectomy collection includes soft wireless styles that are feminine, yet supportive. Our goal is to make finding the perfect fitting bra as simple as possible so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

At Soma, women like you have always been the center of our story. You’re our reason for being — and our reason for always being better. Soma is — and always will be — a brand built for your best self.

Brand Spotlight: AnaOno Post Surgical Bras

Founded by a breast cancer survivor, AnaOno bras are designed for any stage of treatment. Pocketed cups and the softest modal fabric are found in these comfortable, functional styles. Pretty and practical meet to deliver an incredible assortment of bras for incredible women.

post surgical bra

AnaOno Gloria Pocketed Wireless Post Surgical Bra

Pocketed cups decorated with stretch lace to help you feel as beautiful as you are.

post surgical bras

AnaOno Pocketed Front Close Bra Post Surgical Bra

Removable pads and a unique front close make on-and-off dressing easy. Pocketed cups allow for use of extenders, breast forms, and prostheses.

See the entire AnaOno collection for other wireless, soft styles.

Soma Wireless Bras

While not specifically developed for post-surgical needs, our wireless bras are often a good choice with soft support and ease. Here’s what women say about how these bras meet their needs.

post surgical bras

Enbliss Wireless

Smooth contour cups. Adjustable no-slip straps. Tagless for an irritation-free fit.

“Purchased this bra after mastectomy to wear during reconstructive process. It is so comfortable and nonconstricting.”  –Miranda M, North Carolina

post surgical bras

Enbliss Bralette

Pull-on ease. Wide straps. Removable cups for your comfort level.

“I had a bilateral mastectomy 2 years ago and have purchased numerous bras. This is the most comfortable bra I have found. Great support without the wires and the shoulders are amazing!

It’s like a second skin!” –Kathy B, Florida

post surgical bras

Vanishing Back® Wireless

Smoothing seamless back and easy front-adjust straps.

“After my mastectomy and reconstruction I could not find a bra that was soft, didn’t have an underwire, and provided great support. I stopped in the Soma store. Since then, I have only worn Vanishing Back® Wireless. They are also PRETTY, which seems not to be important to mastectomy bra designers” –Joanne C, Tennessee

post surgical bras

Embraceable™  Wireless Unlined Lace Trim

A touch of lace adds a feminine touch to this oh-so-soft bra.

“I went to a Soma store to see what they might have for me since I could not stand to wear my underwire bras after surgery. This is one of my favorites. I like the touch of lace that makes it more attractive and feminine.” –Kathy B, Florida

post surgical bras

Embraceable™ Full Coverage Wireless Unlined

Maximum coverage. Superior support. Soft brushed fabric.

“I didn’t have high hopes in finding something comfortable and supportive after years of disappointment. I WAS AMAZED! I quickly ordered two more. I am so happy and grateful I found this bra.” –Lisa O, Washington

post surgical bras

Embraceable Full Coverage Wireless

Flattering surplice neckline and supportive under band.

“Soft with no seams to irritate the skin. So comfortable, I was able to wear it two weeks after surgery” –Claire, Virginia

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4 Responses

  1. Holly

    I’m glad to see Soma offering a selection of post surgical bras. However, they are all ONLINE ONLY. How do you figure out if they FIT, SUPPORT and are COMFORTABLE without trying them on? This is just not a good solution.

    After reconstruction, you have no idea what size you are. Fit for implants is totally different than real breasts. Comfort? so hard to judge without wearing the bra for 15 minutes. And after painful surgery, we need and deserve to be comfortable!

    ONLINE ONLY? Just does not work for post surgery patients. You need to stock samples for sizing, fit and comfort in your stores for customers to know what to order. And sorry, I don’t want to order 3 or 4 sizes of each bra and return the ones that don’t fit. That’s just not a viable solution.

    I hope you change your stocking options.

    1. Melissa

      Hey Holly, couldn’t agree more! After reconstruction nothing fits the same! Love seeing more and more options available for us! I hoped into my local Soma outside of Philadelphia, and they had AnaOno bras in store to try on! It was a great way to test them out and feel how incredibly soft and comfortable they are! Call your closest store, maybe you will be lucky just like me!

    1. Christopher fry

      I’ve been wearing bras for 30 years and have never been so satisfied with this collection of bras. You need support at the office and even has enough support for lite yoga classes so your not forced to put on your sports bra.Girls get a profecinal bra fit and your of . Support beauty easy to care for this bra is a work force