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Magnificent. Memorable. Magnolias.

There’s something sublime (and inherently seductive) about southern magnolias. Grand, white blooms lure you in with lush, creamy petals and a soft, irresistible sweetness that offers pause for deep inhalation. The delicate complexity of this clean, lightly lemon-kissed blossom had us swooning at first scent, and inspired us to create our newest fragrance, Memorable.

Magnolias, the belles of the south
Magnolia Grandiflora

Magnolias’ Memorable Southern Roots

Few things evoke the South more than antebellum plantations dotted with majestic magnolia trees. Prized for providing cool, year-round shade and provocative blooms, this native queen continues to rule over the southern landscape. To this day, Louisiana treasures Magnolia grandiflora as its state flower, while Mississippi claims the entire tree. No wonder it’s so desired: at heights approaching 100 feet and blooms as big as dinner plates, this dramatic evergreen exudes the warmth and charm the South is so well known for.

Magnolia Plantation
Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina

Memorable Magnolia Masterpiece

Fetching over a million dollars, magnolias prove to be a rich still life subject. Magnolia paintings by American artist, Martin Johnson Heade, have turned up in the last 20 years, some having been picked up at estate sales for as little as $29. In 1999, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston paid $1.25 million for “Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth,” which until then had been covering a hole in the owner’s wall. After playing a game of Masterpiece that includes a similar Heade image, the owner began to surmise his painting had considerable value.

Magnolias as art
Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth, Martin Johnson Heade

Memorable Fragrance

The mystique of magnolia is unmistakably refreshing, romantic and refined. When its sweet, balmy fragrance wafts through the sultry morning air, you know you’re in the real South. A statement flower if there ever was one, it conveys the strength and softness that southern women balance so well.

I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful,
than a lifetime of nothing special.

‑Shelby, Steel Magnolias

Inspired by the bright, clean notes and soft, velvety finish of this impressive beauty, our newest fragrance is truly Memorable. Try it and tell us, what makes you Memorable? 

Magnolias are part of the bold, new Memorable fragrance



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