UNDERPOWER™ For All. Soma’s Fitting Solutions

In 2019, Soma® celebrates your power. Because we believe it is what’s underneath that really counts: strength, confidence, spirit, and power.

You do it all. You are the center of your family, generous to your friends, keeper of your home. You take pride in getting it done, no matter how many things you have on your to-do list. Through it all, you want to be comfortable and put together. We are a brand that supports who you are and where you are going with UNDERPOWER™.

How do we support your power? It starts with lingerie solutions that inspire and empower you every single day through fit, innovation, and uncompromising comfort. Lingerie that gives you the power to take on anything. That’s UNDERPOWER™.

Powerful Solutions

We create products that provide powerful lingerie fitting solutions, each with its own UNDERPOWER. Stunning Support® defies gravity beautifully. Enticing Lift® is uplifting, without being pushy. Sensuous Sides® slims so you can wear what you want. The Vanishing® Collection offers smooth confidence to take on the world. Enbliss™ allows you to stay in your comfort zone, no matter what your day brings. Cool Nights® restores your power with a good night’s sleep.

Perfect Fit

We combine powerful solutions with perfect fit. Your Bra Fit Authority, we have 15 years of lingerie experience, 278 boutiques offering 5-star personal service every day, and 1,900 certified Bra Fit Experts. We have helped 5 million women find their perfect bra fit.

This year, we introduced SOMAINNOFIT™, bra fit technology so revolutionary we took it to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where cutting edge innovation is introduced to the world. This powerful development is another tool in our kit to provide you precise, personalized fit information, as well as the best bra wardrobe expertise. Why? Because when your bra fits perfectly, you are unstoppable.

Finally! Lingerie solutions that makes you look and feel ready to take on your world. It’s time to stand out, soar, and shine like only we can. Let’s show the world what we are made of.


What’s your UNDERPOWER™? Share it at #SOMAUNDERPOWER.

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