Honoring Mom, The Ultimate Giver, This Mother’s Day

She’s given you everything—literally. Besides life, what did Mom (or other amazing woman in your life) give you that you cherish most? Here’s how we at Soma are honoring our mothers this Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day includes making the day easy for Mom.
Jennifer, right, and her mom, Dianne

Jennifer, Marketing Manager

Greatest gift from my mom:

My siblings! I am the second oldest of six children. Growing up in a big, loving family was a blessing. I can’t imagine not having them in my life and thank my mother for everything she did and sacrificed to raise us.

In a word, my mom is:

I learned grace, kindness, and patience from my mother. She delights in making others happy and never expects anything in return—especially from her children.

How we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day:

Spending time together that involves zero prep or clean up for our mom is our favorite way to celebrate her. She loves it when we all attend service at her church and then take her to brunch. She will definitely get something from Soma, too!


Mother’s Day includes making melody with Mom
Tara, right, with her sister Deanna, and her mom, Melody

Tara, Copy Manager

Greatest gift from my mom:

The greatest gift my mom ever gave me was a love for singing. My best childhood memories are of my mom singing to me with her soft, beautiful voice. Kids’ songs, Broadway tunes, even songs she made up herself. Now, I sing those same songs to my little girl.

In a word, my mom is:


How we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day:

If I can’t pull off a surprise trip to visit her, I will send her a gift (from Soma!) from the heart and call her to let her know I’m thinking of her—and to video chat with her granddaughter, of course!


Mother’s Day includes time together
Jaclyn, left, and her mom, Amy

Jaclyn, Assistant Copywriter

Greatest gift from my mom:

My determination to get things done! My mom has always been strong-willed, and I like to think I inherited that trait from her.

In a word, my mom is:


How we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day:

We live in different states, so we are celebrating early with a weekend trip to Disney World. She took me there for the first time when I was little, and it’s been our annual tradition ever since.



Mother’s Day includes a call to wish her well
Ali, right, and her mom, Laura

Ali, Assistant Manager,
Digital Media

Greatest gift from my mom:


In a word, my mom is:

My hero.

How we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day:

Unfortunately, I don’t get to be near her since we live apart. I will be calling her, of course, and making the best of the distance.






Mother’s Day includes shopping
Kimberly, right, and her mom, Jean

Kimberly, Senior VP, Marketing

Greatest gift from my mom:

She loved her job. When I was young, it never occurred to me that they paid her—I thought she just went to work because she thought it was a fascinating, fun way to spend the day. She showed me how important it is to find your passion and make that your job!

In a word, my mom is:


How we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day:






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