Happy “Bralidays!” Here’s How To Lift Your Spirits This Season

What does bra shopping have to do with the holidays, you ask? Everything! Because we believe a bra does more than lift your decolleté, it lifts your spirit, your confidence, your outlook. We all know that along with the glitter and sparkle of the holidays can also come the holiday blues. We’d like to help change that with some holiday reds and greens and purples. And, the gift of feeling beautiful from the inside out. Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? There’s no time like the “present” to get a free and effortless expert bra fitting (puns are free this time of year, too). Our boutiques are their most gorgeous and festive feeling of the year, lifting the dread most women feel about bra shopping right out of the air. So, stop by and give yourself the gift that will make every holiday outfit you wear look even that much more amazing on you with the right bra underneath.


Embraceable Bras–So comfortable, you’ll forget you have them on? We’ll take 2. Especially since they’re 2 for $59.


Limited Edition Enhancing Shape– Our age defying t-shirt bra with strategically placed sparkle.


Limited Edition Sensuous Lace–Exclusive embroidery with an exquisite fit in the season’s most sensual palette.


Stunning Support–Stunning underpinnings with ultimate support for the perfect amount of holiday glamour.

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