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As women, we constantly find ourselves in situations that affect our posture. We carry heavy purses, hold children, wear high heels, and sit for hours slouching over our desks. After time, these everyday, seemingly harmless activities can easily have a negative impact on our health and confidence. They often cause us to shift our weight forward and sink into our shoulders creating a rounded back and, you guessed it, bad posture.

At Soma, we recognize the need to stand or sit a little straighter because we experience it, too! For this reason, our innovative designers created our very first posture bra,  the NEW Stunning Support Posture. Our patent-pending seamless 3-zone support lifts, shapes, smooths and  our supportive back encourages good posture.

Why it’s a MUST HAVE:

  • Convenient front close with adjustable back for a custom fit
  • Unique layered mesh-back design encourages good posture
  • No slip straps
  • Designed to provide a firmer hold for the ultimate in support
  • Beautiful no-show point d’esprit lace
  • In sizes 32C-40D


We could all benefit from a gentle reminder to pull our shoulders back. Our Stunning Support Posture serves as that reminder, in a beautiful bra that provides all the support you could ever dream of. You’ll instantly feel more confident!

Intimately, Soma

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