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Finding Comfort After Breast Cancer

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are in treatment or have recently undergone surgery, your bra is probably the last thing you want to think about. From biopsies to chemo, and radiation to reconstruction, there’s a lot to deal with both physically and emotionally. We get it. So to make things go a little smoother, we partnered with Living Beyond Breast Cancer to learn more about providing the best bras and support for our sisters affected by breast cancer. A panel of real survivors inspired our collection and commitment to comfort.

Breast Cancer bras

Post Surgical & Mastectomy Bras

Specially designed with breast form pockets (also known as prosthesis pockets) these bras provide comfortable support and give you an even look. We are dedicated to offering a beautiful variety of the best fitting post surgical bras.

Did you know that every Soma boutique has a Bra Fit Expert specially trained to fit women before and after breast surgery? She will listen to your specific needs, be discreet and show you bras that will help you feel like your beautiful self again. Call your local boutique to schedule an appointment.

My customer informed me she had a prosthesis. I told her we carried bras for her. She tried one on and cried.


breast cancer bras

Go Wireless

Although technically not a post-surgical bra (no prosthesis pockets), wireless bras are an excellent choice post biopsy and a favorite of breast cancer survivors. Engineered for ultimate softness, they are often the perfect solution for women with sensitive sides due to radiation, incisions and/or tender lymph nodes.


Pajamas after breast cancer

Embrace Your Pajama Time

Wearing #PajamasAllDay is okay! Embraceable™ and Cool Nights® pajamas are the softest, most luxurious in the world. The Cool Nights collection is designed to keep you cool and dry all night long, even through hot flashes.


Look Good to Feel Good

Comfortable loungewear for breast cancer treatment

Long tunics and stretchy leggings are proven favorites for life before, during and after treatment. So easy to mix and match, it’s one less thing you have to worry about. Plus, they’re ultimately comfortable, forgiving during weight changes and stylish enough to wear everywhere, including work. Survivor tip: When planning your wardrobe, consider where you will get chemo. A scoop or surplice neckline makes it easy to access your port, sleeveless and short sleeve styles work well with PICC lines.

Like all change, this will take some time to adjust to. Do it in your own time. We will always be here for you. And remember, you are beautiful, now and always.



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4 Responses

  1. Patti

    Ty u for caring all the items to be comfortable. I had a bilateral mastectomy with 23 lymph nodes also cancerous. I was a stage 4 with a hard road ahead. I have gone through everything and am doing good so far. Tough road even after all is done. I am 57 years old and am a fighter big time. I am going to be coming in. To get fit. I have implants but am two different sizes in each breast Ty again for helping all of us with your line of clothes for breast cancer.

  2. Lisa B. Stivers

    I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor, I absolutly love SOMA !!! Their bras, pj’s, (espically with the hot flashes a cancer patient my have) clothing/dresses, swim suits, and underware. ( who wouldnt want their underware to grip and stay in place) I will never go back to wearing any other brand. I suggest their products to any recent cancer patirnt I meet. The staff is wonderful at any store and are always eager to help .
    SOMA you make me still feel like a woman even after all Ive been through.
    Thank you SOMA , I could feel as good as I do with out your products…

    1. Kathy Holiday

      We don’t file. However, we updated our receipt to show “P.Surgical”, in order for customers to get refunded through their insurance companies. Call 866.768.7662 if you have additional questions.

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