Everything We Do Starts With You

We know you work hard at everything you do, so we’re working hard to create beautiful bra solutions for you, for all of us. We are here to listen to you, to help tell your story and design product that supports your needs. That extends into everything we do. We want to celebrate all women, their bodies and their stories, because everything we do starts with you.

We began as an intimate apparel brand that set out to combine quality, comfort, and innovation with purpose, so that women never have to compromise. Rooted in beautiful solutions and effortless style, we continue as an industry leader in products that respond to women’s needs.  

Everything We Do Starts with You features a group of women, who were cast via Zoom, and focuses on their lives and lifestyles in their own voice. From an ICU nurse to a beauty director to a breast cancer survivor, their individual stories, and hence their needs, are varied based on their personal journey and lifestyle. 

Our bras are carefully crafted and aimed at creating the perfect fit, constructed with unique solutions that eliminate the bra challenges women face every day. We are redefining bra construction using innovative materials to creatively address all your needs, and solving them unlike anyone else. Our 90% bra fit satisfaction rate* is a testament to our dedication towards creating the best solutions for all of your needs.

We honor women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds and we are excited to recognize this group of empowered women and their stories featured in Everything We Do Starts With You on Help us celebrate you and all women you know by adding the hashtag #somastartswithme to any of your Soma images on social media.

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1 Response

  1. Lauren

    Thank you for showing real women of all shapes and sizes…now just start carrying more of these sizes and styles that flatter those sizes. Larger sizes are often sold out.