Everything We Do Starts With You: Meet Summer

Soma's mission is to design products for you, listen to your needs and share your stories. Today, we are sharing Summer's story. Summer is a musician, sommelier, surfer and older sister. Read on to learn about her many passions in life and the lessons she wants to pass on to young girls.

Summer wears Enbliss Wireless Bra



Can you share a bit about your past bra fitting experiences?

I have only been fitted one other time and that was in high school. Growing up, I always wanted bigger boobs but now that I am more of an athlete I like my size. And then I was fitted at Soma and it was good to know that I was accurate. The bra fitting was awesome. The first bra I tried on was the Enbliss Wireless (pictured above) and I loved it. It’s really soft and flexible and there’s no wire in it so it feels really good. I can move around, I can jump, which is great and it’s really soft. And I know that when I put a shirt on over it, it’s not going to have any spilling or anything like that. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is most often thrifted. Every pair of jeans that I own have either been gifted to me or suggested, so I think that’s the magic of clothing. I like thrifting because it’s better for the environment and there’s a story behind a lot of the pieces of clothing that I own. And if my look seems mis-matched to others I don’t mind, I dress for me.

Where do you find your confidence?

I find confidence in movement and breath and stillness, in solitude and in good friendship and in good food, surfing, yoga, things like that. That’s where I get my real confidence.

We’re all multifaceted. Humans can do a lot of things, so why not try everything? Why not do everything?

I have my body and I have my mind and I have my spirit, might as well give it a try.

Who in your life inspires you?

My family. I’m half Colombian and half Irish and everyone in my family is very loud and we all just have our own uniqueness, but we laugh and we cry and we eat together and we just do a lot of crazy stuff. We’re always singing and making music, so I think our style is just a reflection of our personalities – especially my sisters. They are the only people that make my life clear when it’s really blurry and they’re the only people that can fog my life up completely when it’s very clear and I think that’s really special, to have that bond. They’re all magical, exceptional human beings and I try to lead by example because I am one of the oldest sisters. I have a stepsister that’s older than me too and we’re really close in age, but I also have a five-year-old baby sister too. I’m trying to teach her about kindness and patience and instead of saying, “Be careful,” I try and say, “Just pay attention”. That reflects in the toys that I give to her too- little girls are usually given Barbie dolls and little boys are usually given Legos, so when they grow up their spatial organization is very different. That’s why there’s a lot more male architects than there are female architects, so I want to help shape their femininity in a positive and empowering way.

Such important lessons for young girls. What other lessons have you learned that would want to share?

My favorite mentor once told me, “You can do everything you want to do but you can’t do it at the same time. You have to focus one thing at a time, one step at a time.” So, that’s really helped me and I hope that helps you too. Every time I try something new or every time I do a hard thing, I’m learning how to accept and love myself a little bit more. Glennon Doyle said, “We can do hard things,” and I try and remember that every day.

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