Everything We Do Starts With You: Meet Erica

Soma's mission is to design products for you, listen to your needs and share your stories. Today, we are sharing Erica's story. Erica is a Beauty Director, Podcaster and Mother. Read on to learn about her self-care tips and how becoming a mother saved her life.


ABOUT HER: Fluent in Spanish, carefree with a dash of spiciness.

Can you tell us about the bra fitting experience at Soma? How was it? Did anything surprise you?

I’m so excited that I did the fitting because I now know that I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for a while.  I thought I was a C, then another brand told me I was an F, but it turns out I’m a DD. And I’m just in love with this bra. It really fits me well, and it feels so comfortable.

What has your journey been like with bras and with your body? 

I’ve always been really conscious of my body. I think especially because my body was pretty mature at a young age, and so I kind of always felt like, “Oh Gosh, do I fit in? I think I’ve gone in and out of loving my body after I had my daughter. I gained 70 pounds in pregnancy and after I had her I was left with this shell of a body I really didn’t recognize. It took me that long to really love my curves on my own without validation from anybody else. 

How do you show yourself self-love/self-care?

I think I’ve done a lot of work to really embrace my body because growing up I did have body issues, I felt like my body was bigger than most. It wasn’t until recently that curvy bodies really became really embraced. One of the things that I’ve incorporated in my daily life is just talking to my body and touching my body, like when I put lotion on I thank my body for taking me through this life, for being able to hold a child and give birth in a healthy fashion. The way you talk to yourself really matters. And I find that most people, we talk really poorly to ourselves. And so, you have to unlearn that and really make an intentional practice to do that. 

How does finding the right bra affect your confidence?

I think a bra can make or break your day. Like if you have an uncomfortable bra on, you’re going to have a bad day. But if you have a bra like this on, you know you’re going to walk through life comfortably, you know you’re supported.

As a working mom, as a woman in general, your undergarments matter. I want something breathable, something that I can move in. I don’t want to feel my undergarments, I want to feel like they’re not there. 

Let’s talk about your style, how would you describe it?

I would say I’m a bit eclectic, a bit edgy but I mostly dress how I feel. My hair is like one of my accessories, so even if I don’t feel confident in what I’m wearing, I’m just like, make my hair big! 

You mentioned you have a daughter, can you share more about your Motherhood journey?

My daughter is five, her name is Irie Jane, and she saved me. She saved my life; I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s been the inspiration behind so much since she’s been born and she has propelled my career in so many ways. I believe that kids really are mirrors and she really held the mirror up to myself and really forced me to take a hard look at who I am and who I want to be. She truly is like my greatest teacher, even if she drives me crazy sometimes. The coolest part of being a parent is being able to kind of change the trajectory of your child’s life and heal any generational traumas. It’s a unique opportunity for you to paint the path for your daughter or your son’s future, and I take that very seriously and I try to be mindful about it every day.

What about your relationship with your own mother? 

My mom is my mentor and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to watch her grow because she really turned nothing into something. She is also so resilient and she literally makes lemonade out of anything that gets thrown her way. Watching her has really made me like that as well. 

What do you hope your daughter learns from you?

I hope that she can be authentically herself, always. And I just hope that me being transparent with her, me being empowering with her, her seeing my mistakes but also seeing my wins, will help her know that there’s always something better on the other side. 

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