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Enticing Lift: The Innovation

New Enticing Lift 32-40, B-G 32D-DDD, 34-36B-G, 38B-DDD, 40C-DD $58. Unlike typical unlined styles, this bra provides lift and has no nipple show-thru.

What if a bra could lift and shape you—without the bulk of padding? And what if that bra could also be lacy, but no-show under a T-shirt? These questions energized Soma’s team of bra designers to create the first-ever bra with None of the push, All of the up—new Enticing Lift. We sat down with innovators Alina, Valerie and Faheema to find out how they made it Unlined. Uplifting. Undetectable.

Q: What did you set out to create with Enticing Lift?

Alina: We wanted to make a new unlined bra that didn’t show thru, and the concept evolved from there. We ended up going even further to make the ultimate T-shirt bra with lift, concealment and a great shape without a pad.

Q: What makes Enticing Lift no-show? That seems impossible with an unlined bra—especially a lace one.

Alina: I know, but this bra’s lining is innovative. There is nothing else like it out there. It is supportive plus prevents nipple show-thru. And the lace is smooth and works perfectly with the lining. In our wear trials, we used a tight white cami to make sure we could see absolutely nothing.

Valerie: Honestly, we were really surprised the first time we put the cami on top. I was expecting to see at least a little bit of show-thru, a little bit of lace. But nothing. No pattern, no neckline. We didn’t see any of it. That’s not something you find in an unlined garment. It was pretty spectacular.

Faheema: Many women think that to wear lace, to feel beautiful, they need a special occasion. But she can wear this bra every day because the lace is undetectable.

The lace’s pattern is specially designed to be smooth and undetectable under clothes. Plus, it lays flat at the neckline for an undetectable transition.

Q: And it lifts, too?

Valerie: Typically you don’t get much lift out of an unlined garment. Our goal was to match the amount of lift our Embraceable Push Up provides. That’s what our benchmark was—a push up!

Alina: The lift comes from the overall design to create a smooth, even pull all the way across the cup.

Valerie: Exactly. And in wear trials, after seeing this bra, the women who always wear padded bras told us they would choose Enticing Lift in a heartbeat.

The thin lining shapes you without the bulk of padding.

Q: If there is nothing like this out there, what should our readers know about how Enticing Lift should fit?

Valerie: The fabric in the cup is not as forgiving as a padded bra or a typical stretchy unlined bra. Enticing Lift is sized accurately, but if a customer is shallow on top, she might have to adjust the straps or try a cup size down for her perfect fit.

Our bra design team worked two years to perfect new Enticing Lift.
Q: How do you hope this new bra makes our customers feel?

Valerie: I tell them to try it. Put it on with that tight cami over the top of it while you’re standing in that cold dressing room and see for yourself. Any time you’re properly lifted, it gives your whole figure a different shape.

Alina: And I hope she has an open mind as to what a T-shirt bra can be. Right now, a T-shirt bra is your basic padded style with no lace. But this bra has beautiful lace and a great fit.

Faheema: It will blow her mind how it lifts and fits. I hope she feels beautiful.


Love what you’ve read about our new Enticing Lift bra? Shop it here.

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6 Responses

    1. Soma

      Sylvia, the innovative design of our new Enticing Lift bra may be just what you’re looking for! It lifts like a push-up bra, but without the padding. We hope you’ll give it a try.

  1. Maryan Jaross

    I returned the one I bought. rough fabric and the material folded toward the sides.
    I love other Soma bras and have been wearing them for years but this was a disappointment.

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