Bras…It’s Complicated: Wireless Bra Myths

Wireless bras tend to be the topic of much debate, leaving many women standing on opposing sides, of what is often, misinformation. Years of myths passed down from generation to generation leave us confused. For this reason, we’ve decided to get intimate about our intimates and debunk some of the most common myths we’ve heard around wireless bras.


Wireless bras aren’t offered for larger sizes

When women hear the word wireless, many assume these bras are designed for teenagers purchasing their first bra or women with smaller cups. While wireless bras are fantastic options for both, they can also be worn by women with larger cup sizes. In fact, Soma designers specifically engineer wireless styles from A up to G cup, such as our new Embraceable Full Coverage Wireless Unlined.


Wireless bras are not supportive

While we agree that there are definitely wireless bras out there that may not provide desired support, many are designed with a band beneath the cups for the added support and comfort. Just like other styles, wireless bras can vary in support. For example, our new Enhancing Shape Wireless features full coverage contour cups providing great support without the wire while our Embraceable Wireless Unlined Bra offers much lighter support for relaxed wear.

Wireless bras are not flattering

Unflattering results can often be attributed to lack of support, quality or incorrect size. That’s right – 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. By getting an expert bra fitting, you can ensure you are finding a style that provides the level of support you are looking for in the right size. Contour foam cups provide concealment and added shaping, while unlined styles preserve your natural shape.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on wireless bras. Tell us below.

Intimately, Soma

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3 Responses

  1. Rita Davis

    I an a d – dd cup. I can wear a 32 or a 34. have small soulcers and am considered petitie. I dislike wire bras as rhet hurt me ( my rib section is bony). All wireless bras I have found have full coverage and thick straps. I would like a pretty yet supportive (as in no sag) bra. Can you help?

    1. Soma

      Hi Rita, if there is a Soma boutique in your area, please visit us for a personal fitting. To locate boutiques and outlets near you, just enter your city or zip code at Our online Bra Fit Guide at also provides information to help you find your perfect fit, or contact us directly at 866-768-7662 for assistance 24/7

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