Women’s bodies aren’t created the same, and that’s why bras aren’t either. Find the bra innovations that make you look your best. Whatever it is you want your bra to do for you, Soma has a style to meet your needs. Set your expectations high and meet your new best bras with benefits.

bras with benefits
Back Smoothing

Soma’s Vanishing Back Bras have exclusive back-smoothing technology that makes bumps and lines vanish.

Side Slimming
Revolutionary side wing design slims and smooths your sides in Soma’s Sensuous Sides Bras.

Ultimate Support
Soma’s Stunning Support Bras feature patent pending seamless 3-zone support that lifts, shapes, smooths you.

bras with benefits
Comfortable Support

Soma’s Embraceable Bras are so comfortable and supportive, you’ll forget you have them on. Multiple styles are available, including nursing bras. For a bras so comfortable you can sleep in them, New Enbliss is cloud soft and comfortable. It’s the bra you’ll want to live in.

Shape Enhancing
Soma’s Push Up Bras create instant cleavage and great shaping with angled underwire cups and graduated stretch foam pads.

Size Reducing
Soma’s Minimizing Bras slim your profile and reduce your bust 1 to 3 inches!

bras with benefits

The best in versatility, Soma’s Multi Way Bras can be worn in traditional, strapless, halter, center halter, one-shoulder and crisscross (racerback) styles.

Post Surgery
Post-surgery customers can rely on bras with modesty, stretch, soft support and shaping, in wireless bras,  bralettes, and post surgical collection.

Visit our Bra Fit Guide to find your always perfect fit!


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4 Responses

  1. Connie

    I want Soma to bring back the Nicole vanishing back bra. I do not like that all the vanishing back bras now have foam/contour cups. I want an unlined, underwire, back close vanishing bra. I have only worn Soma vanishing back bras and panties for years but will need to find a new brand since Soma decided to discontinue my favorite bra. So disappointing for a loyal customer.

  2. Carolyn Miller

    I so loved, yes I said lovED, the Soma bras. Until my underwire broke after only barely 5 months of wear. I went back to the store in Chattanooga, TN, and told them what happened. The woman there told me that I probably needed to get a bigger cup size. Really? You all are the ones that “fitted” me for the one I bought! I didn’t go in there raising hell or demanding a replacement. I simply told them what happened. So, I went for it and not only purchased a replacement at FULL PRICE, I bought another one as well. I’m telling you I LOVED these bras. However, when both of the new ones also snapped in the same place on both sides I have to say I’m through with Soma bras. It’s really a shame. The customer service I received was poor to say the least. The manager could have at least offered to give me a discount on the two freaking bras I bought after telling them their product was defective! But no. SO anyway…bye bye Soma for me. Has anyone else had this issue?

    1. jenadelaney

      Hi Carolyn,

      We’re so sorry to hear about your experience with our bras and in our boutique. We pride ourselves on our most amazing personal service, and would love the opportunity to get you back in the right fitting Soma bra. Please visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/somaintimates and send us a private message with your email address and/or customer number so we can assist you further.

      Thank you,

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