Bra Care Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

You invested in good, supportive bras. Now you need to take care of them! How (and how often) you wash, and even how you store your bras can make or break their lifespan. Below, we’ve put together a few simple tips to help keep your bras in their best shape.

DON’T invert your cups. DO lay your bras flat.

The most common misconception about storing bras is to fold one cup inside of the other. Don’t do it! This method will permanently crease your cups and break down the fibers in the fabric. Instead, cascade them. This will help your bras maintain their shape, and keep them organized.

DON’T just throw them in the washer. DO use a lingerie bag.

Ever throw your bras in the washer and take them out only to find mangled straps and twisted backs? Stop the madness! Before washing, fasten your bras so the hooks won’t get stuck on the mesh and shorten the straps. Then, put them in a lingerie bag to keep them good as new. Make sure your washer is set to gentle cycle and use cold water. Bonus tip: lingerie bags are large enough for bathing suits, panties, socks, and even kids’ clothing, too!

DON’T wash them with everyday detergent. DO use lingerie wash.

Ever pour regular detergent on your foundations, just like you would with T-shirts and jeans? Um, no. Regular detergent is designed to make fabrics soft, which can break down fibers in the fabric. That’s precisely what we don’t want for our bras, as they need to keep their shape. Instead, use an ounce of lingerie wash, good for any delicates. The ingredients in the wash aren’t as harsh as those found in regular detergent. Nice.

DON’T put bras in the dryer. DO air dry.

Hanging your bras to air dry is the safest way to ensure your bras keep their original shape and last longer. The intense heat from a machine dryer can cause damage to your bras and affect the fit. 

DON’T forget to make it fun!

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of taking care of your foundations, have some fun with it! Organize them in a way that makes sense to you, whether it’s by color or how often you wear them. 

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6 Responses

  1. Shanna Ucher

    Alwqys give them more room than the bras need in the top drawers. Love Soma lingerie gentle wash

  2. Faye

    I love my Soma Bras. I have always had trouble with the straps sliding off my shoulders and The Cups never did fit.Soma offers straps that are closer together they don’t slide off. The Cups do fit. Thank you Soma

  3. Sherri Regnery

    I really am not someone who posts comments about anything let alone lingerie. But as an RN, BSN & Breast Specialist called an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant my colleagues and I are close friends and give one another the best recommendations on everything. I have to say that as a woman with large breasts I was actually thinking about getting a breast reduction as I felt and looked awful. But after coming to your Soma store and getting fitted.. I fell totally in love!! I looked gorgeous & felt gorgeous again!! No surgery for me as Soma bras are truly life altering!! At fifty four in menapause wearing your bras makes me look young again! I don’t know how to thank you enough for saving me first from life altering surgery and most importantly for giving me back my self esteem!!

  4. Sue Chapin

    I have made two purchases with Soma. The first one was a fitting and I bought three recommended bras. I had to return all three as the stays dig into my skin. I was fitted again and bought two different bras two days ago and they do not have stays, so I am hopeful. My question is why did I not get a discount on the last 2 bras when the first three bought only a few weeks earlier had a 30% discount?

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Sue, we’re sorry to hear your first purchase did not work out and hope the second purchase will be a better fit! It’s possible that your first purchase took place during one of our promotions and that promotion was no longer valid when your purchased a second time. Please call us at 866.768.7662 and an associate will be able to look up both transactions to determine which discount was used and if it was also valid on the second purchase.