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Bodify: The Bra That Changes With You

We designed a bra that changes with you. Does this sound familiar? One boob is bigger than the other. Or you breastfed your children and now they're just different sizes? That time of the month…you change a whole size? Or maybe you just don’t want to sweat in a bra, but need the support. No matter your Bra-blem™, Bodify™ will be the bra that supports all of you. We sat down with our VP of Design, Holly Wilson, for an exclusive look at What's Inside Bodify™, our Smartest Bra yet.

Holly Wilson, VP of Design

What inspired the Bodify™ bra?
Before building Bodify, we hosted a customer panel of 1,500 women, asking them what their Bra-blems were–having women of all varying sizes, shapes, experiences, ages was a gift because we had the advantage of being able to send out a survey and get real women’s input on our creation. Soma® changed to work for the customer instead of trying to tell women that their size doesn’t fit into our bra. I’d much rather tell her we’re going to make a bra that works for her size no matter what.

The Bodify™ Demi in Warm Amber

How does Bodify™ represent Soma’s® values as a brand?

We’re a brand based on innovation and creating solutions for women. Our goal was to try to include as many women as possible in the group we surveyed when creating the Bodify™ bra. Some women like a structured bra and want to feel contained and others want more room to move around. And then you have women all in between and they carry their weight in different places. Their breasts are positioned in different places. Their breast tissues have different levels of firmness. So if you put the same bra on all of them–up until Bodify™–they would all have a completely different experience, even though on paper or in a measuring tape they all measure like a 36C. There are so many factors that go into matching a customer with her perfect fit that it’s not just as easy as taking her measurements. It’s about thinking about the woman and the customer and why we do everything that we do. And then also, how do we tackle those challenges through innovation? 

Emily in Bodify™ Flexible Fit Perfect Coverage Bra in Hush


Soma’s VP of Design, Holly Wilson. 

What else should we know about Bodify™?  

It’s not you. It’s the bra. We wanted to create a bra that works for the most women possible. We want you to be able to put it on and feel like it really fits and does everything you want it to do. We wanted to make it soft, comfortable, beautiful, and to really work for your body shape–even if you’re asymmetrical because most women are not the same from side to side. I’ve lost 50 pounds, and I’m still wearing the same size that they gave me to wear for the test in June last year–I think it’s a testament to the flexibility of the bra.  

Bodify™ is a growing collection, currently offered in 7 different colors in the Perfect Coverage and 3 colors in the Demi neckline.

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