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Bodify: The Bra That Changes With You

No matter shape or size, Bodify™ will be the bra supporting you. Most women aren’t perfectly symmetrical and the average woman’s breast size changes up to one full cup size over the course of the month. Breastfeeding children can change your shape and size –the Bodify™ bra helps women feel supported through all these changes.  Soma® and our team of women designed this bra to be seamless under clothes, give you appropriate lift, and maintain your shape when you change. We spoke to our VP of Design, Holly Wilson, for an exclusive look at what it took to build Bodify™, our Smartest Bra yet.

Holly Wilson, VP of Design

Who are the women who need the Bodify™ Bra? Who are the women who inspired Bodify™?
Well, all women need Bodify™, that’s the point. Having access to our customer panel of 1,500 women–having women of all varying sizes, shapes, experiences, ages was a gift because we had the advantage of being able ask all of these women: What were their struggles with bras? Because I think we should ask an average woman about her bras. I mean, most people think bras are like a torture device, right? That you want to take it off immediately when you get home. And we found that when we asked 1,500 women about their bras, no matter their size or shape or age, there was a lot of similarity in the experiences they were having. Plus, our team is comprised of mostly women so we are the customer too and we were also experiencing the same things.  We knew that many women thought there was something wrong with them when they couldn’t find the perfect fit.  We wanted her to know it wasn’t her, it was the bra and that we could make a better bra that worked for her.  So that was our goal in creating the Bodify™ Bra.

The Bodify™ Demi

How does Bodify™ represent Soma’s® values as a brand?

First and foremost, Soma® makes bras for all women, focusing on diversity and inclusivity, so our goal was to try to include as many women as possible in the group of women we talked to when creating the Bodify™ bra. Everything would be so much easier if we had to take three measurements and that’s your size and then every bra you ever tried on fit, but the reality is, that’s not the experience and it’s not really realistic. You’ll see articles say 75% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, which doesn’t really give us a lot of credit for knowing how to measure ourselves and find a bra. It’s not that easy. It never has been. You know, there’s so many components and personal preferences. Some women like a structured bra and want to feel contained and others want more room to move around, right? Some want the support and some women want a more relaxed fit, neither of which is necessarily specific to their size. And then you have a lot of women somewhere in between.  Up until now if you had 10 women who all measured a 36C and you gave them all the same bra, the only guarantee would be that they would all have a different experience.  Women are all unique—the way they carry their weight, the firmness of their breast tissue and where it sits. There are so many factors that go into matching a customer with her perfect fit that it’s not just as easy as taking her measurements. So, we created Bodify™. It’s about putting the woman who’ll wear it at the start, middle, and end of the design process and why we do everything that we do. And then also, how do we tackle those challenges through innovation in a way no one else is? Focus, because we’re a brand based on innovation and creating solutions for women.

Bodify™ Flexible Fit Perfect Coverage Bra


Soma’s VP of Design, Holly Wilson. 

What else do you want a Soma shopper to know about Bodify™? 

I think the biggest thing we want you to know is: It’s not you. It’s the bra.  We wanted to create a bra that works for the most women possible. Going in to get fitted for a bra is very intimidating and can be a kind of a vulnerable moment for women and I think most avoid it if they can. I think that goes back to low expectations, and so we have created a bra that is going to fit as many women as possible. We want you to be able to put it on and feel like it really fits and does everything you want it to do. We wanted to make it soft, comfortable, beautiful, and to really work for her body shape–even if she’s asymmetrical because most women are not the same from side to side. I’ve lost 60 pounds, and I’m still wearing the same size that they gave me to wear for the test in June last year–I think it’s a testament to the flexibility of the bra. You know it’s almost like you wanted to put it on and not have to think about it again, right? It’s something she can count on and feel great in it. Feel beautiful. It’s very modern and sexy and still supportive and works for her and the beauty of the whole experience of the bra is just how amazing it makes people feel. And that you know she’s finally going to walk in a fitting room and say, ‘Wow! I finally found something that works for me.’ And I hope that’s the experience of every woman that tries it on.

Bodify™ is a growing collection, currently offered in a range of colors in the Perfect Coverage and the Demi neckline.

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