Behind the Design: NEW Vanishing® 360 Collection

When it comes to your top drawer, Soma’s Vice President of Design, Holly Wilson is our resident expert. She’s been in the industry for 28 years and she’s been with Soma® since we opened our doors 16 years ago. We recently had the chance to sit down with her to ask some of our most burning questions about our NEW Vanishing® 360 collection and why you need to add these pieces to your rotation ASAP!

Q: Why did you design these new styles?

A:  At Soma, we are incredibly innovative in our approach to delivering the best solutions to our customers. Even with our most popular collections such as Vanishing®, we never stop thinking, “how can we make this better?” Our customers are also our biggest source of inspiration and new ideas. As her lifestyle and mindset changes, we know we also must evolve our offering. We recently heard from our customers that they’re looking for light, natural support, clean lines, no bumps in the back AND front, as well as everyday comfort and fit she can count on that will make her feel beautiful and confident. We took this feedback and created a bra that addresses all these needs!

Q: Let’s talk specifically about the Vanishing 360 bras — why 3 different styles? What makes each one of them unique?

A:  Just like each one of our customers’ unique bra needs, each of the three bras in this new collection offers unique comfort and fit solutions that are an important part of her bra wardrobe.

  • The Perfect Coverage back close bra has a soft, light pad that offers concealment and coverage but without added bulk. It’s truly the perfect t-shirt bra!
  • The Perfect Coverage Front Close bra has the same amazing fit and feel in the cup, but gives the extra convenience of a front-close for those that prefer it as well as a fuller back panel for extra smoothing across the back.
  • The Perfect Coverage Unlined Front Close bra is soft support without the pad. You get all the benefits of both the Perfect Coverage and Perfect Coverage Front Close, but with a more natural feel in the cups.

Q: Tell us about the innovation in the Vanishing 360 panties. What makes them stay in place?

A:  If you’ve ever purchased seamless or raw cut panties from another retailer, you may have found the biggest challenge is that depending on your shape, they really ride up, which can be SO uncomfortable! We heard from our customers that they love our Vanishing Edge® collection, but were also looking for a completely seamless option that would also stay in place. With our new Vanishing 360 panties, we took that raw cut seamless design, and created an incredibly lightweight solution with an innovative exposed spandex back to keep them in place. They’re truly NO ride, NO roll and NO show!

Q: Why is it important for this collection to fit such a wide range of sizes?

A: Bras are not one-size fits all, and no matter your size, ALL women experience back fat, side bulge and bra lines showing through their clothes. More often than not, it’s due to an ill-fitting bra, or a bra that’s not the right fit for your body type. That’s why we knew it was important to design this bra to fit 43 sizes (32A-44G), so that many women can experience the benefits of this collection.

Q: What makes these bra and panty styles different from other “no show” and “smoothing” products in the marketplace?

A: The innovation in our Vanishing 360 bra is patented and the panties are patent pending, so you truly will not find this anywhere else! Our bra and panty designers are unique women – just like our customer. They are constantly seeking out the most amazing, innovative solutions that solve everyday problems and are beautiful, too! We even wear test all of our new products on hundreds of women at our home office with varying body types to get real feedback, so we can make adjustments prior to the products hitting our stores.

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16 Responses

  1. Lora Wood

    Vanishing 360 bras ~ I love the wireless bra as I have had surgery and can not use underwire. My problem is I have narrow shoulders and the straps slide off easily and often. Do you see in the near future a racerback Vanishing Back Wireless T-shirt bra. Racerbacks seem to help the sliding off of the shoulder problem.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Lora,
      At the moment, there are not any plans for a Vanishing Back or Vanishing 360 bra with a racerback. One option within our current assortment that you might like is our Enbliss Racerback Bralette. It’s made from an extremely soft fabric, is completely seamless and the straps don’t slip!

  2. Sheryl Graves

    I am an avid Soma customer and have only worn Soma bras for the last 15 years. I love them!! I’ve recommended them to all my friends and family. My husband even recommended them to some ladies, when he overheard them talking in an elevator, about ill fitting bras.
    A few months ago, I purchased the Vanishing 360 bra and I love it the most! It’s so soft and comfortable and there’s no cup gap at the top of the cup by the straps. However, after delicate washing and hanging dry a couple of times, the material under the arm pits which seems to be meshed together with 2 layers, separates and rolls down. I returned my bra and was given a new one and it’s done the same thing. Is this just an isolated case or have you had this reported before?

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Sheryl,
      Thank you for your comment — we’re so thrilled to hear how much you love Soma and our new Vanishing 360 bra. We are, however disappointed in the quality issue you’ve encountered. If you haven’t done so already, please call us at 866.768.7662 so an associate can assist you with a return. We’ll be sharing this with our design team as well so that we can look into it further.
      Thank you,

  3. Linda

    I will look into vanishing 360 sounds interesting. I do always purchase Somas hi -cut leg vanishing edge panties. They give the full coverage i need in the butt and i like that it comes up higher in front and back not mid or bikini. For me that works best!

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Linda, we think you’ll love our Vanishing 360 bra and we’re thrilled to hear how much you love our Vanishing Edge panties!

  4. Glenda Deaton

    Please bring back the panties that have the reinforcement for the tummy. They also have the stay put legs. I have a few pair of these that I am still wearing.

  5. Marilyn Boes

    It would be nice if you would offer all your bras in half cup sizes (for instance A and A+). I have found over the years that if I try to find an A cup in anything, they are mostly non existent, let alone EVER find anything that is on sale.

  6. Arlene F

    Wish you would bring the original vanishing bra back. Wider straps and soft cup. Don’t care for the new and the 360 has straps that are too wide apart. Why would you change such a good thing.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Arlene, we’re sorry to disappoint you and do appreciate your feedback. We’ll be happy to share this with our design team.

  7. RG

    Heard a rumor that the Vanishing 360 bra will have a wireless option soon. Can you confirm and provide more details if possible?