The Drama of the Balconet

Designed with a square, open neckline and demi cup silhouette, the balconet bra dares to bare a little cleavage. It’s really no surprise, then, that the balconet’s dramatic past is staged at the theater and inspired by lavish jewels and low cut evening gowns.

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“Too Early Tissot Detail” by James Jacques Tissot – Digital/Mechanical reproduction of original artwork.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia

Balconet means “little balcony” in French, and some think the moniker was applied because the bra, with wider-set straps and support from below, resembles a balcony.

balconet bra image-02
Paris Opera House: “Inauguration of the Paris Opera in 1875 by Detaille – Collections of the Château of Versailles (cropped)” by Édouard Detaille – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

A more romantic explanation is that theater balconies inspired the silhouette. In the late 1800s, the Parisian opera house Palais Garnier was designed with grand, multi-level staircases in the open five-story Grand Foyer. People watching was as important as opera watching, and the Foyer offered optimal viewing of aristocrats from above. There was plenty to see. It was such a grand affair that neighboring banks held opera-hours so patrons could retrieve jewels from their vaults. And nothing goes better with jewels than décolletage. Enter the balconet bra, named, perhaps, because it couldn’t be seen from balconies, allowing women to wear plunging necklines, perfect for showcasing diamonds.

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The balconet bra is still a favorite of romantics the world over, revered for its neckline and support from the bottom, creating beautiful shape and cleavage. We love it too. We took our customer favorite sheer Sensuous Lace bra and added a semi-lined silhouette with a lower neckline, creating a new way to feel sensuous, the Sensuous Lace Balconet. The shimmering embroidery sparkles like jewels and the sweetheart neckline is perfect for lower cut tops, or gowns if the opera calls. For larger cup sizes, the Stunning Support Balconet offers stunning, ultimate lift with enhanced décolletage.

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Intimately, Soma


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