The Age Defying T-Shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra that doesn't gap

The search is over! Finally a bra that doesn’t gap at the top of the cups! This age defying T-shirt bra works for every shape, especially those with less fullness in the upper part of the cup. True to it’s name, our Enhancing Shape bra enhances the shape of your bust instantly for a great fit under clothes. It’s really that simple.

Why you’ll love our Enhancing Shape Full Coverage bra:

  • It’s age defying! Instantly restores natural shape
  • The top shaping pad technology eliminates gaps for a perfect fit
  • It’s completely smooth under clothes making it the ultimate age defying T-shirt bra
  • It’s designed with padded straps for comfort

Customers who have tried it, love it! Some have even felt inspired to write us saying how much of a difference this bra has made, further proving that the right bra can change your world in an instant.

“I literally cried when I tried it on. I felt beautiful, more confident, and it has changed the clothes I wear. The padding up top makes perfect sense!” – Krista from Colorado

You asked, we listened. The Enhancing Shape Full Coverage in soft tan is back in most stores.  You can also order online, or all stores will be able to order for you black & soft tan in 18 sizes: 34 & 40B-DD & 36-38B-DDD.



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