9 Passion Pointers to Keep the Romance Alive

Keep the romance in your relationship alive

Remember the wild and crazy excitement you and your Valentine shared during your courtship? With a little imagination, it’s easy to rekindle that you-make-my-heart-skip-a-beat kind of spark. Having trouble? These passion pointers are sure to help rev up the romance in your relationship.


1. Ditch the Distractions

To get his full attention, lose the laptop, turn off the TV, and disable the doorbell.


2. Set the Stage

Chill the Prosecco, put on some Michael Bublé, light plenty of candles, and splash on a seductive scent. Call your honey’s name, and he’ll come running.


3. Keep Him Guessing

Do something unexpected and fun, like running a scented bubble bath for two in the middle of the afternoon.


4. Compliment Your Guy

Stretch the truth if you have to. Sometimes a little white lie does more than “the little blue pill.”


Stay physical to keep the romance alive

5. Seize the Moment

Romance can start in the kitchen and follow you into the bedroom.


6. Get Physical

Surprise him with a spontaneous gentle touch or kiss. You won’t believe the response you’ll get if you’re the initiator.


Take your love on the road to keep the romance alive

7. Spend the Night Out

Whether you book the Holiday Inn or the Hyatt, a change of scenery can do wonders for your relationship.


8. Think Thong

It’s hard to set the mood in flannel pajamas, granny panties, and slipper socks. You have to feel sexy before you can be sexy.


9. Take a Second Honeymoon

And a third and a fourth! Surprising him with packed bags and a secret destination can be just the ticket to keeping the romance alive.


Excerpted from Red Thong Strong: Girlfriends’ Little Secrets to Smoothing Life’s Panty Lines,  a fun, inspiring and informative read that shares laughs and lessons about friendship sure to inspire women to live bold, confident and connected lives.


Eight Texas women bound by the belief that their friendship makes life richer are behind Red Thong Strong: Girlfriends’ Little Secrets to Smoothing Life’s Panty Lines. Debbi Comparin, Linda Storer, Becky Elder, Bev Mann, Debbie Williams, Charlotte Hill, Shelley Tyler, and Terri Jutras (clockwise below) met in a young marrieds’ Sunday school class. Thirty years later, they continue to keep each other accountable, grounded, and sane.

Their journey together has made them experts at making, keeping, and nurturing friends. When not in writing sessions, they’re serving as each other’s personal stylists, planning stress-free girlfriend getaways, and hosting Pinterest-worthy parties.

8 women share their tips on keeping passion alive



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