Holiday Survival Guide: 8 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Wrap

Here at Soma, we know you’ve got places to go and people to see this holiday season.  You’ll need the ultimate travel multi-tasker: the travel wrap. Why settle for just a blanket when you can wear our wrap 8 stylish ways? So whether you’re traveling over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, or at a cruising altitude for a mele kalikimaka getaway, you want to stay comfortable. Our Travel Wrap is the perfect solve, and we’ve got 8 ways to wear it from layovers to laughs around the fire.

  1. Travel Wrap = Hair Defense

As you’re packing up the kids, the car, the dog, you notice the weather change. Is it rain? Snow?! Whatever it is, craft your wrap into a sleek and simple hood. Your blowout is saved!


  1. Travel Wrap = Instant Chic

Inspired by Parisian style, the Redux is effortlessly chic over tunics, tops, and dresses. Style tip: add a brooch for an elevated look.


  1. Travel Wrap = Draft Dodger

The temperatures aren’t nearly as welcoming as your smiling snowmen, but you don’t want the added bulk of more layers as you pull tangled lights out of the attic. The Snood keeps you warm while staying compact.


  1. Travel Wrap = Warmth on the Fly

Say “drats” no more when the awaiting takeoff and feeling the rush of air from the cabin. Loop your wrap into a Slip Knot and cozy does it. Bonus: this wrap packs into your carry on and is wrinkle-resistant.

  1. Travel Wrap = Outside the Box

When your husband insists on walking for miles to find THE tree, the Scarf Wrap is easy and warm over vests, tops, or coats. Wrap once for asymmetrical style, or twice for added warmth.


  1. Travel Wrap = Master of Multi-Tasking

Are you on your third trip to the grocery store today because you swore you didn’t need more brown sugar? The Surplice is drapey but stays secure thanks to our wrap’s multiple snaps, so you can stay warm with a to-do list longer than Santa’s.


  1. Travel Wrap = Coverage Plan

Your party dress may be beautiful, but it doesn’t keep you warm. The Poncho simply drapes over your shoulders when there’s a chill in the air, and is soft enough to make a conversation piece.


  1. Travel Wrap = Temperature Equalizer

Ever get to work and wonder if you walked down the frozen food section instead of the office? The Cardigan style is ideal to throw on over cold shoulders, and is lightweight enough to carry to conference rooms. No more theromstat wars in this workplace.

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