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5 Tips for a Stay-Cool Summer

Don’t sweat the summer heat. Instead, stay refreshed with these stay cool summer tips.

1.Hydrate with Infused Water

Stay cool summer tip 1. Stay hydtrated.

Put a flavorful twist on your daily H20 intake with infused water. Our favorite combo is cucumber and lime, just like you’d sip at the spa.


2. Make a Splash

Dive into the pool for instant relief. If you’d rather stay poolside, keep a spray bottle nearby and spritz yourself every so often.


3. Moisturize On-the-Go

Stay cool summer tip 3. Moisturize on the go

More time in the chlorinated water can dry out your skin. So keep a travel-sized aloe vera lotion in your bag—right next to your sunscreen.


4. At-Home Aromatherapy

Stay cool summer tip 4. Use cooling aromatherapy in a bath

Soak your sun-kissed skin in a eucalyptus mint bath. The invigorating scents evoke the feeling of cool mountain air.


5. Sleep Comfortably

Stay cool summer tip 5. Sleep in Cool Nights pajamas.

Unwind in our luxuriously soft Cool Nights Pajamas and wake up refreshed.

Have any tips you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments.



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