5 Last-Minute Gifts That Don’t Feel Last Minute

If you’re still looking for a gift for your mom, sister or best friend (in-laws too), we’ve got you covered. Best of all, with our free gift boxes, you can cross wrapping off your to-do list. Check out our top 5 last-minute gifts and have a gorgeous holiday.

1. For Your Sister: Embraceable Cool Nights Pajama Sets

Your sister knows you like no one else. Treat your closest confident to our softest, most luxurious pajamas. Just pick her favorite print (snowflakes, leopard, shoes…) and snuggle up for some girl talk.

image-12. For Your Mother-In-Law: A Luxe Robe

Not sure what to get your mother-in-law? Our luxe robe is sure to please even the most discriminating family members. It’s so plush and soft, she’s sure to brag about her gift (and her wonderful daughter-in-law).


3. For Your Mom: Limited-Edition Sleepwear

She takes care of everyone, so why not treat her to something special?  Our limited edition sleepwear is perfect, with sparkle and lace she’ll adore. And with so many gorgeous colors, it’s easy to find her favorite. After all, Mom deserves it.

image-34. For Your Best Friend: Luxe Lingerie

You’ve shared every aspect of your love life with her, from your first-grade crush to your wedding day. It only makes sense that you be the one to get her luxe lingerie that makes her feel beautiful. You know what they say—”friends are like bras, close to the heart and always there for support.”

image-45. For the Surprise Gift-Giver: A Plush Throw

It happens every year, someone gets you a gift, and (oops!) you didn’t get one for them. This year, be prepared with our luxe throw. It’s the one-size-fits-all present that you can keep on standby. Plus, it’s already wrapped in a beautiful red ribbon.


Don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something too. What’s on your wish list?

Intimately, Soma


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