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Vanishing Is Back and Better Than Ever

Vanishing Back is new and better than ever.

Intimately Soma sat down with the minds behind the new and improved Vanishing Back bra—Carrie, Associate Bra Merchant, and Kara, Associate Designer and Product Development Manager—to hear the story behind the innovation.


Q: Why was now the right time for Soma to improve Vanishing Back?

Kara: After we launched Vanishing Back 7 years ago, other brands tried their version of our ideas. It was time to stay ahead of the pack by adding some new sizes and implementing our customers’ feedback at the same time.

Carrie: Kara’s exactly right. It was us putting the “you asked, we listened” idea into play. We want to make sure our customers are always satisfied.


Q: Where did you start? How did you go about improving it?

Kara: We spent a lot of time listening to what customers loved and what they felt could be improved. We knew this was our chance to really make the product she already loves even better.

Carrie: Our customers are very passionate about what they like, which we really appreciate. She tells us what she thinks, and we love that.

Vanishing Back is new and better than ever.

Q: What sets the new Vanishing Back bra apart from all the rest out there?

Kara: The new knit-in flex zone technology in the bra is unique to us. It’s now even more supportive. That’s why it works on all the new sizes we’re offering. Up to a G cup now!

Carrie: It’s the side-slimming part of things, too. Now Vanishing Back isn’t only vanishing your back! We incorporated the new technology in the sides for a totally smooth look, all the way around, 360°.

Kara: Exactly. We really looked at every detail. Our customers told us they wanted slimmer straps and improved hardware on the front-close style, so we did it. Now there’s no other clasp on the market that even comes close to ours. It gives a very satisfying “click” when it’s closed, really telling the customer it’s secure for her all day. And the hardware shines like a piece of jewelry. We worked hard to achieve that, and it’s great.

Vanishing Back is new and better than ever.

Q: How do you want customers to feel in this bra?

Carrie: Sexy and confident. She deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Kara: I want this to be her new go-to bra because when she looks the best she possibly can under her clothes, she feels like the very best version of herself.


Q: What is your favorite new feature and why?

Kara: It’s got to be the extended size range. It’s so exciting for us! We’re able to get our most-loved bra on so many different body types now!

Carrie: I can’t pick just one feature! Probably the lace—our new styles have smooth lace all over the bra, not just on the cups like before. That’s a huge win as far as making her feel sexy and still being able to have an innovative bra.

Vanishing Back is new and better than ever.

Have you tried the Vanishing Back? Shop all styles—Full Coverage, Full Coverage Front Close, and Wireless—here.




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10 Responses

  1. Dona Porter

    I wish you would add some rubber strips (like on the strapless bra) on the vanishing back. It just slides up my back & I can not wear it. I have been fitted numerous times & the ladies agree when I suggest this.

  2. K Maria

    Donna Porter if the bra slides up your back, theband may be too big. Try going down a band size and see. This works for me as I have that experience too and I’d suggest that even though you have been fitted before, try getting it again by someone new. Don’t give up on it.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Wendy, Our Vanishing Back Bras do include some padding in them. We encourage you to visit a Soma boutique to try this new style for yourself. If you don’t have a boutique near you, we also offer free shipping and free returns when you order a full-priced bra online. Thank you.

  3. Josette Belvedere

    Just a general note: Long time Soma customer. Love active loungewear. Also loved the fact that Soma produced styles that were comfortable for older, active ladies. Sensing a shift in emphasis towards stuff more appealing to the younger consumers (who in my experience are not the loyal Soma customers). Also, noticing tiny, young sales staff (as opposed to the prior more age and size variable crew). Hope these are only temporary situations and that Soma will return to providing interesting and practical options for those, like myself, who have spent and will continue to spend money for clothing geared toward older, fashion conscious women who have women’s bodies and women’s activity schedules as opposed to the twenty-somethings who have so many alternative options and who are not the biggest Soma fans anyway from what I have observed.

  4. Brenda

    Have always been a Soma customer . This new vanishing back does not work for me like previous bra. The sides are cut lower with not enough support. Major Muffin Top on the top of sides. Please bring back bras with the side support you used to have

  5. JM

    I just returned a vanishing back bra as it was very padded (I don’t wear padded bras) and the hardware was quite lumpy. It is a big bra and not lightweight like a camisole might be. Great idea that didn’t work for me. Unfortunately, there are no boutiques where I live so.

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi JM, we appreciate you letting us know and hope you’ll give us call at 866-768-7662 so we can provide suggestions for a more suitable style. Thanks!

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