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Solutions for 5 Common Bra Problems

Need a girlfriend to talk to about your underwear? Want someone to do the work for you? Jenny Altman does it all on her site, ILOVEAGOOD, where she tries on hundreds of bras, panties, and more, so her readers don’t have to. Below, Jenny shares her secrets to solving some everyday bra problems for us.

I love that women come to me everyday with their overall fit and bra problems. For me, that means they are all LOOKING for solutions. Often, issues stem from an ill-fitting bra (get fitted!). Other times, it’s because women haven’t found the brand and the product that is a great match for them. It’s just a matter of being a bra detective and finding that perfect match.

The same few problems get told (or whispered) to me every single day. I’m here to share my knowledge and tell you that the bra solution you need is just a click away!

Read about the 5 most common problems below (and the bras that solve them!):


Convertible straps can solve bra problems of bra straps showing.

1. Bra Problem: Bra straps are always showing.

Every woman needs a good convertible bra in her wardrobe. Usually, converting bra straps from traditional style (one strap over each shoulder) to cross-back requires naked-ness or a total bra change. The Memorable Wireless Bra amazed me with how easy it was to convert. While you have it on you just rearrange the straps and cross them at the front, taking you to a crisscross back with ease.  Plus it’s a wireless—I always love a good wireless option in my wardrobe for comfort!


Strapless bras solve bra problems of what to wear with many necklines.

2. Bra Problem: What do I wear with strapless and strappy styles?

A strapless bra is a great investment. Why? Well, we all need a great strapless from time to time. This bra can be your best halter, one shoulder, cross-back bra when needed. Buy a good strapless and keep it in your drawer so that you’re ready for all occasions. The Embraceable Strapless Bra does it all while being super soft and very supportive up to a DDD.


Common bra problems are how to create cleavage with low cut tops.

3. Bra Problem: My bra, not my cleavage, is showing!

Just as you put on your low-front sweater or v-neck tee shirt, you realize your bra is showing—and not in a good way. The answer is simple: opt for a full coverage bra with a plunging neckline (all that means is the center of the bra is not as high as other centers). The Sensuous Lace Cropped Bustier gives you full coverage with that deep v plunge at the center. The high sides and wide back give you smoothness and hold for an all around supportive fit in a very feminine style.


Gapping cups are bra problems created by a shallow profile.

4. Bra Problem: My bra is always gapping in the cups!

Don’t you just hate that gap in the top of your cup under your favorite tee? So do I.

The Enhancing Shape Bra has a top-shaping pad that literally fills in your gap, so now your t-shirt bras lay perfectly smooth against your breasts. The gap is actually filled in! This was such an easy solution, that I can’t believe we all didn’t know about it until now!


Common bra problems are wanting lift without padding.

5. Bra Problem: I want more lift without more bra!

Blame it on life or gravity, but we women find ourselves needing a little “oomph” in the cups (at least I do!). The Enticing Lift Balconet Bra gives uplift without the look of push-up, it’s a youthful lift to the breasts without any spillage (think lip plump without the filler). The Balconet is a gorgeous shape with a lower neckline that reveals a natural fullness while we still look like our real selves.



Any other bra solutions we need to investigate? Send me a note and let me know your bra problem.





Jenny Altman is an expert in intimates, hired regularly as a consultant and spokesperson by the industry’s top brands.  With 15 years of experience as a fashion editor, Jenny has an innate knowledge of fit and trends, and understands what women want and need. In addition to editorial positions at WWD, Lucky and Marie Claire, Jenny spent the bulk of her career at O, The Oprah Magazine, where she helped style Oprah and contributed to the renowned “O List.” Jenny now runs her site and consults for brands such as Cosabella, Bare Necessities, Spanx, and Chantelle.



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4 Responses

  1. Jamgirl

    Purchased three vanishing back bras and the straps constantly roll off my shoulders. Bra is not too loose and cups fit perfectly. NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM WITH ANY OTHER BRA.

  2. Kristy

    Hey Jenny…I wear a Bali bra(36D) with non-stretch straps and a back with 4hooks….I feel that structure makes me feel more secure than something with stretchy straps and a two hook closure. Do you have any bra in your line that I would be interested in?

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Kristy!

      I can see why you love that structure. And we do have a few bras that offer the same important lift, separation and SUPPORT (with comfort).

      1. The Vanishing Back Bra is VERY firm in the straps and band. The technology makes it feel light while doing some serious work on smoothing out the back and underarm area. This bra is revolutionary, I have not seen another bra smooth the back and give this much support.

      2. The Enticing Lift Full Coverage Bra offers a great amount of full coverage with strong support. The lace is actually VERY flat and will not show through, but gives a very pretty look (more so than the solid nudes and black bras). I have fit very full cup girls in this bra and I get a huge WOW every time. The bonding is what gives it its strength while looking very sleek and minimal.

      So glad you asked!

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